A Visitor’s Experience At Top Luxury Family Hotels in Digha

A Visitor’s Experience At Top Luxury Family Hotels in Digha

Hotel Coral Hotel Coral May 27, 2020 Digha Hotels

I love traveling. My passion for visiting places takes me to various destinations brings me an immense amount of pleasure. The pleasure multiplies when my family accompanies me. We do our best to make every trip a memorable part of our life. Obviously, we plan together before deciding the trips. Recently, we visited Digha, a wonderful sea beach in the district of West Medinipur in the state of West Bengal. Accompanied by a host of other beaches, planning Digha requires close attention.  Right from finding the best Digha hotels to deciding local visits, we did everything together. To be very frank, I enjoy planning from the core of my heart. I must agree that the place has a large number of hotels and resorts that promise superb facilities indeed.
Our search for the best among all the popular and luxury family hotels in Digha took us to Hotel Coral Digha. Though we were not very sure about the facilities while we got the booking, we felt 100% comforted while we checked in. With amazing tourist facilities, the hotel gave us a warm welcome. Right from the first moment, I had developed a sense of appreciation for the hotel. 


It was amazing indeed! I cannot stop appreciating the management and the staff for bringing us the most spectacular facilities. It brought us the finest services as per the tour itinerary. We were sure to have a wonderful trip that we would remember all our lives. 

Food And Other Facilities:   

I could just say wonderful while describing these services. After reaching the hotel, I discovered that it has a well-furnished hotel that serves a wide variety of delicacies. My joy was doubled when I came to know that it is one of the best budget Hotels in Digha with Restaurant. My family was sure to have some wonderful stuff in the next few days. I have no hesitation to accept that the hotel fulfilled the expectations. Right from traditional Bengali dishes to continental and Chinese, the variety was mind-blowing. 


The hotel was located in New Digha and it is very close to the beach. The suite that was allocated to us faced the beach. We used to sit o n the balcony to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the sea. The sound of the waves at night took us to the world of fantasies.  As far as the suite was concerned, it was just amazing. Loaded with all modern amenities, the suite provided us with the most enjoyable memories that are sure to last throughout our lives. 

Local Visits

As stated earlier, Digha is not the only beach here. The hotel provided us with the best facilities to visit some other beaches, including Shankarpur and Tajpur.  The package brought us all the facilities that a family should look for in a decent place like this. We enjoyed every moment of our trip. 

Affordable Cost: 

I cannot restrict myself from talking about the price that Hotel Coral Digha, one of the best luxury  family hotels charged us. I have been to some other sea beaches across the country too, but I found Digha the cheapest one. We stayed there for 7 days, and the cost per head was just amazing. Believe me when I say that I did not negotiate on anything and paid the resort what it asked for. I have no hesitation to accept that it is the best Digha Hotel that I would visit once again when I plan another trip here. 

The Bottom Line: 

 For me, the trip to Digha would remain as one of the best trips for me and my family. We may visit many places after that, but the memories and experiences would last more than a lifetime.