Advantages of direct online hotel bookings in Digha

Advantages of direct online hotel bookings in Digha

coraldigha coraldigha March 29, 2021 Digha Hotels

Since last two decades, the hotel industry has experienced amazing growth, and the internet services have contributed maximum in this regard. Like many other hotels and leisure centers of the world, various Digha hotels are also offering the facilities of online bookings and reservations to their guests and clients.

In general, an online reservation system helps people to choose their favorite rooms and book them from the convenience of the four walls of their homes.
Online Hotel Bookings can be done directly by yourself or you can avail the booking service of Online Travel Agencies or OTAs.

Advantages of direct online hotel bookings in Digha


Direct hotel bookings are most popular among loyal, frequent, leisure business travelers. They focus more on the convenience, and at the same time, they are very much concerned about personalization. It has been found in a survey that around 61% of hotel bookings are done at the hotel websites and apps.

Generally, hotels pay 20% to 30% fee against each booking to the third party intermediaries, but they can save that money, if a guest directly books online. Hotels can even offer more facilities for such guests.
A guest can get a proper idea about the rates of the rooms, and transparency can be maintained in the case of direct online booking.

A hotel authority can directly get an idea about customer experience. Guests can write their reviews in the review section of the website. The authority will also get valuable suggestions and can act accordingly to increase the brand’s reputation.

Potential guests will experience a virtual tour of the hotel, if they visit the website, and this will help them to get an idea about the actual property.There will be no possibility of a foul play at the intermediary level because a guest will act a first-hand buyer of the service.


For the last two or three decades, people have started to visit Digha to enjoy their vacations luxuriously. Thus, many star hotels in Digha have been built with a promise to provide the ultimate luxury and comfort.

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