Bichitrapur Nature Camp – Explore the wildlife in a sustainable way!

Bichitrapur Nature Camp – Explore the wildlife in a sustainable way!

To enjoy your summer vacation, you may want to relish the scenic beauties of the seaside. When we talk about seaside in Bengal, Digha instantly comes to our mind. After staying in Digha for one or two days, you may want to enjoy the beauties of wildlife. Thus, Bichitrapur Nature Camp should be an ideal destination for the wildlife enthusiasts.

Many hotels in Digha will help you to contact the best tour operators to reach Bichitrapur Nature Camp. You may have to stay for one night near Bichitrapur because this location is around 18-20 kms from Digha and you need sufficient amount of time to explore the wildlife resources.

Bichitrapur Nature Camp – Explore the wildlife in a sustainable way!


The mangrove forest of Bichitrapur, the valley of green, is situated close to the mouth of river Subarnarekha. It covers an area of 563 hectares along the coast of Bay of Bengal. This forest preserves the marine ecosystem with its floral and faunal resources.

You can enjoy the amazing green environment of Mangroves and virgin casuarinas forests along the coast. Explore the beauty of glittering silvery beach with your family. Plenty of red ghost crabs, horseshoe crabs, migratory and resident birds, etc., will make your wildlife exploration a success! You can also see the green sentinels of nearby villages. If you are fond of adventure, then you can engage in boating in the tidal creeks. Visit Talsari beach to know the eco-friendly characters of inexplicable ocean shoreline and woodland of the Casuarinas.


If you are a wildlife photographer or videographer, then you must visit Bichitrapur Nature Camp. Odisha government has arranged top-quality security for its tourists. So, you can easily bring any camera equipment without any concern.

If you wish, you can check out from the Digha hotel before visiting Bichitrapur. The Odisha government has opened many Guest Houses in the nearby locations of Bichitrapur. Moreover, since the last few years, many private hotels and resorts have also been built to accommodate the tourists. Thus, explore the internet not only for the best Digha hotels, but, also to find out the best hotels or Guest Houses of the nearby locations of Bichitrapur.