Chorabali: One of the best among Digha Attractions

Chorabali: One of the best among Digha Attractions

Ever since we were young we have all known the dangers of the “Quicksand”. In Bengali, the same is referred to as “Chorabali“. We might all have seen this incredible phenomenon on Television. You may have seen it on the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic channel or might have even read about it. But to get a firsthand experience of the same is something which is altogether different. There are few places on this earth where you can find it. It is indeed dangerous and all of us need to be doubly careful to handle it if by chance you come across a region like this. But if you are of the more adventurous types then Digha is the place in West Bengal, where amongst many scenic beauties it also has plenty of “Chorabali”. And obviously, it is one of the most popular things among the Digha attractions.

What is “Chorabali” about?

According to Wikipedia, “Quicksand is a colloid hydrogel consisting of fine granular material (such as sand, silt or clay), and water”. “Chorabali” is basically loose sand. It may so happen that the water inside the sand may not be able to escape. As a result, the liquefied soil which gets created loses any strength to support its weight on it. When anyone sets foot on it, he or she would be drawn inside. Nothing around that area is able to support and the entire weight applied gets drawn in. Thus it is indeed a very dangerous phenomenon. In case you dare to venture to experience one, you must be aware of the ways to be able to deal with it. You need to consult an expert in the field who has the ability to deal with the dangers of quicksand.

Digha and its beaches 

Digha is most popular because of its beautiful beaches. It has often been referred to as the ‘Brighton of the East. It has many beaches like the Digha beach, Tajpur beach, Udaipur beach, and Shankarpur beach. Each of them has its own distinctive beauties. The one common thing which is present in most is the casuarina plantations. These tall casuarina trees along the coast enhance the beauty of the beaches many times.

It is on these beaches that you may come across “Chora Bali” too. So you need to be on your guard always. These places are not at all suitable for bathing. If you have children, you need to be extra careful with them. In case you happen to drive on the beach you need to be careful as well.

To conclude we can say that if you are really keen to experience “Chora Bali”, Digha is perhaps the best place to do so in this part of the country. If you are looking for the best hotel in Digha for a luxurious staying, then Hotel Coral Digha is one of the best. To know more please visit our website.