Complete Story Of The ‘900-kg’ Fish Caught In Digha

Complete Story Of The ‘900-kg’ Fish Caught In Digha

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India surprises you with its uniqueness and no place is an exception in this. Bengal with its exclusive cultural richness, extensive beach line and literary exclusivity is worth visiting. On the northern end of Bay of Bengal lies Digha which was in news recently. Plan a Digha trip with your family now!

This seaside resort town is also home to many exclusive places which you can visit, once you check into a 3-star budget hotel in Digha. You can make a beginning with a visit to the Marine Aquarium and Research Center which was established in the year 1989. Here the marine biodiversity of the region is on display and tourists and researchers alike flock to the centre.

Digha lies on the border with Orissa and the unique assemblage of 2 cultures can be seen in this small town. A century old temple of Lord Shiva at Chandaneswar on Bengal and Orissa border deserves a visit.

Mix Bag Of Surprises

The otherwise sleep and serene town of Digha was recently in the news as something unique happened. A huge fish weighing over 900 Kg was accidentally caught in a fisherman’s net. The group of fishermen had waded into deep waters, early morning when they ended up catching up this prized possession. The experience was so nerve wrecking for them too as never before they had laid claim to such a big catch.

Bringing back this huge fish was not easy and by the time the fishermen arrived on the Digha beach, a large number of visitors had gathered on the coast. Digha is a small town and the news of such a big fish ending up in the net had spread like wildfire.

The fish definitely left the group of fishermen richer by few thousand rupees each as it was purchased by Rabindra Samal in the Digha market for Rs 20,000/- through the auction. Besides, Digha is much more than just a 900 Kg fish. It is actually a bag of culture.

Relish The Traditional Cuisine during your Digha Trip

Most of the hotels in Digha with restaurant also serve fish delicacies and when you intend to visit this sleepy, yet amazing beach town, do not miss on the Pomfret, Rohu and Tiger Prawns which are served with elegance by the trained chefs. You can also travel to Shankarpur, a small town in the vicinity which also serves some traditionally prepared fish delicacies.  

For the vegetarians though, a lot of continental cuisine options exist which will definitely leave them awestruck. Plan a Digha Trip and explore the uniqueness of Bengal. You never know when a surprise will amaze you!