Digha, Bichitrapur and our many adventures

Digha, Bichitrapur and our many adventures

coraldigha coraldigha August 22, 2019 Digha Tourism

We all have a bucket list often in which travel and tour happen to be at the top, is not it? Traveling to exotic locations and indulging in various adventures fills our heart with excitement. Furthermore, especially if we have a companion to join us in as we happen to revel in such experiences, it becomes a memory for a lifetime.

It was one such tour that I undertook with my soon to be a wife into the deep mangrove forest of Bitchitrapur from the enchanting beaches of Digha.

My fiance had a thing about the beaches. She would say that the gushing sound of the seas coupled with the sand-filled air seems to soothe her heart beyond anything else. Whereas, for me, the forest seems to hold a hidden treasure that I instinctively know will bring me the utmost joy if I can find it.

We all have our peculiarities, I suppose. However, when we started to look for a trip that can afford us both, these very peculiarities became our prime hurdles. 

Experiencing both these vastly different natural sights was seeming to be difficult if not impossible. We were starting to lose hope when we came across a Bitchitrapur package by Hotel Coral. 

The package included exclusive offers. Two nights stay at AC Blue Pearl Room with free breakfast, and one complimentary dinner for two at Aqua Blues Restuarant was a part of the package. Added benefits such as free boating pass to wonder island and free cab for Odisha tour coupled with free passes for a speed boat ride made it the choicest option for us.  

We bought this package without any further delay. The hotel rendered the assistance as assured by the package. Later on, after being served with all of the above, we were later picked up from Digha railway station and went on a local tour around Amrabarti park, Digha Science Center, Kajoldighi and Biswa Bangla Park.

It was a trip that we would cherish for life. Even now when we talk about it, it seems like we can go on and on talking about the variety of birds that we encountered in the mangroves of Bitchitrapur coupled with the feeling of Sundarban it affords. Whereas, the beautiful sunset at the backdrop of a mesmerizing sea is a picture that has imprinted itself on our hearts from our tour to Digha. Besides, the laughter that filled the air while we both experienced different watersports has still got a ring to our ears.

So to conclude, it was a trip worthy of our time and money spent. Furthermore, Hotel Coral made sure in making it a success in the truest sense of the word.