Discover the beautiful Bichitrapur with Hotel Coral

Discover the beautiful Bichitrapur with Hotel Coral

coraldigha coraldigha January 1, 2021 Tourism in Digha

Most people who visit Digha, wish to also visit the wonderland called Bichitrapur. To those of you who don’t know, Bichitrapur is a 2-hour distance from Digha. An ideal time to visit this spot is using during the winters as the weather is quite pleasant. Explore the bichitrapur package with Coral comfortably and luxuriously. 

If you’re in Digha, a beautiful place to stay in the Hotel Coral, a luxury hotel in Digha. Hotel Coral provides its customers with a wonderful two night three days package to visit Bichitrapur and explore this place.

Bichitrapur package | Hotel Coral

The Bichitrapur package provides us with the following:

  • Two night stay at Hotel Coral’s Blue Pearl room
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • A complimentary dinner for two at the famous Aqua Blue Restaurant
  • Free Boating Passes to Wonderland
  • Free car ride to the Odisha side tour – places explored are Talsari beach, Udaipur beach, Bhusandeswar temple, Radhaa Gobinda mandir, etc.
  • Free speed rides depending on availability
  • Tour of the local surroundings like Amrabati Park, Digha Science Center, Biswa Bangla Park, etc.


Some of the popular tourist activities to indulge in are:

  • Go for a relaxing boat ride to explore and satiate your curiosity about them. You will see many wonderful birds!
  • Look out for the Olive Ridley sea turtles, a major attraction of Digha. These endangered species are known to lay eggs in the beach itself
  • Ensure to visit the famous temple of Lord Shiva – Chandaneswar Temple


One of the best things about exploring Bichitrapur with the help of Hotel Coral, one of the best Digha hotels, is the comfort and luxury you will be in.