Enjoy Pre-wedding Photo shoot Now at Hotel Coral Digha

Enjoy Pre-wedding Photo shoot Now at Hotel Coral Digha

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Wedding days are a confusing bunch, aren’t they? They’re one of the happiest and most fulfilling days in your life, while being one of the most confusing and hectic at the same time. Such a day calls for photo-shoots to remember for the rest of your life. But, since wedding days are usually extremely hectic, having a pre-wedding photo shoot package makes sense. Hotels Coral has the perfect solution for your wedding photography.

Your pre-wedding photo shoot package is a well thought-out one which takes into account the stress that you may have about the big day. To cope with that, the package screams of relaxation from the get-go. It starts off with a three days and two nights stay at an air-conditioned hotel with free breakfast. The trip continues with a complementary romantic candle light dinner for the two of you. Sharing the warmest and most memorable moments before you promise to embrace for life.

Perfect Pre-wedding photo shoot location

The enriched tourism in Digha allows you to hire a car for sightseeing and make the most of Tajpur, Udaipur and Talsari beaches is your much awaited pre-wedding shoot. You can even shoot for the photos inside the hotel premises itself. The hotel allows for shoots at natural environments inside the hotel park, the rooftop café, the underwater themed poolside restaurant and even near the swimming pool! Following the visit to Tajpur and other beaches, the two of you can enjoy a free speed boat ride up to two kilometers.

The relaxing Digha trip ends with a soothing tour to Digha’s most famous tourist spots, including Amrabati Park, Digha Science Center, Kajoldighi and Biswa Bangla Park, where needless to say  you can continue your pre-wedding shoot and make memories all throughout the trip.

Why Choose Hotel Coral for Pre-wedding photography package.

Well, as long as pre-wedding photo shots are concerned, Hotel Coral Digha – one of the most pleasing holiday hotels in Digha – is the hotel to choose! We offer you a complete package, moderated entirely for your benefit and gain. Keeping in mind, the huge amount that’ll be spent for the wedding, we arrange for pocket-friendly shoots and a satisfying one at the air-conditioned hotel with plenty of perks. We guarantee that once you return home, you’re going to remember the time spent together and the photo-shoot vividly!

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