How Best Hotels In Digha Are Planning To Put Their Guests Safe Amid Pandemic Crisis

How Best Hotels In Digha Are Planning To Put Their Guests Safe Amid Pandemic Crisis

Hotel Coral Hotel Coral September 22, 2020 Hotels in Digha

The COVID-19 pandemic is still continuing in India. As per the available data right now, India has been the second most affected country in the world, only after the United States. The number of COVID infection has crossed 42 lakh and it is just close the cases in the United States where the number of victims is around 62 lakhs. After successive lockdowns in the country, the Government of India has finally declared unlock procedures by stages.
During the phase three of unlock procedure, the Government has allowed the hotels to open up maintaining all the guidelines issues by the government to keep the visitors safe. After remaining shut down for three months, the Best Hotels in Digha have also opened up with a promise to do everything possible to put the visitors safe amid the ongoing pandemic. The associations of hoteliers in Digha and surrounding areas have come up with some robust initiatives that aim at making the place 100% safe for the visitors. 

The following are a few things that all the Hotels in Digha have been doing: 

Sanitization, obviously, is the most important part of the guidelines issued by the government and Indian Council For Medical Research (ICMR). The local administration in Digha is working well with each Digha Hotel to make it safe. The entire hotel, especially the common spaces, is getting sanitized three times every day. The hotels have got their own sanitization infrastructure that they been using apart from getting assistance from the Digha municipality. 

Sanitization Tunnel is yet another important thing that most of the Hotels in Digha have equipped themselves with. One can find it at the entry point in every hotel. The visitors are supposed to cross through the tunnel while they get inside the hotels. It showers fumes of sanitizer that kill the germs, if any, present. The local administration has taken a very constructive initiative here as it has provided the hotels with quality tunnels at subsidized rates. This initiative has been largely appreciated by the hotels, including the guests. 

Availability of hand washes and hand sanitizers on the reception desk and the rooms has been made compulsory. Though the visitors carry their kits, the hotels also provide them with the kit. The visitors need to sanitize their hands whenever they get inside the hotels. 

Monitoring the staff has been very critical. With amazing readiness, the management of every hotel has issued a stringent guideline to the staff. They are required to attend their responsibilities with masks on their face, and gloves in their hands. They need to do everything that they are assigned with a special sanitized outfit. They carry their bottle of hand washes and hand sanitizers with them whenever they need to attend customers in their respective rooms.   

The Luxury Family Hotels In Digha have been made additional cautious here as they often have swimming pools for the visitors. These pools have been put out of use as preventing infection is virtually difficult with these pools on. Though the visitors prefer taking a bath in the sea, the hotels receive requests for the swimming pools a swell. For the time being these pools have been kept non-operational. 

The Bottom Line: 

Most of the leading Hotels In Digha have been doing a great job by adhering to the guidelines very stringently. They are taking no unnecessary risks that can cause threats to their guests as well as to their business. Keeping things in the right order is a responsibility that every Hotel in Digha is carrying out with the utmost care.