While people think about going on a pleasure trip to any place, the first thing that they should think about is the place which is safe and where they can enjoy everything. Whenever I plan my trip, the first thing that comes to my mind is the exotic sea beaches. I just love sea beaches, and most of my trips are centered at the most exotic locations. I have visited almost all the major sea beaches in India, I personally feel that all of them are just fantastic. I enjoyed all my trips, but I cannot forget my visit to Digha, the sea resort in the West Bengal, just 183 km from Kolkata.

As I love to manage everything by myself, so I had planned to do the same for this trip to Digha as well. But thanks to my wife who insisted on hiring the tour packages that provide great trips to this place. I don’t know why, but I paid heed to her advice, and now I think that this was one of the best advices that she had given me in the last few years. I enjoyed the trip as never before as I was nothing to do by myself as tour operator undertook the whole responsibility on its own shoulders.

I was paying a keen interest in their services. I noticed some great things that I am going to share with you here:

Stay in the best hotel and Feel Safe

It was nice indeed. The tour operators have different packages in which staying in the best hotels in Digha comes first. After reaching Digha, I was fascinated to see the entire arrangement that our tour operator had done for us. The facilities in the hotel are world class. I and my family just loved the view of the sea from the balcony of the room that we were allotted. It is good to mention that the price of these rooms depends upon various things.

Safe Facilities and room service

The rooms in the best Digha Hotels are facilitated with great facilities. The tour agency had a contract with the hotel that managed everything in the room with great readiness. The room service was amazing. We were served with our requirements within shortest duration of time.

Safety Measures

The security arrangements always make me worried. While checking in the hotel, my eyes were searching certain things. I found the presence of security personnel from well-known security agencies. The entire hotel was put under strict video surveillance. I could find at least 30 CCTV cameras installed at different positions. I was assured about all security arrangements in the hotel. Our tour operator was also observing everything with great eagerness. Their initiative for protecting the interests of the trip members was also praiseworthy.

Apart from these, the trip operators are very caring about managing the sightseeing trips. As Digha has a series of sea beaches in Shankarpur, Tajpur and Mandarmani, so they took special care for conducting these trips. These are paid trips, and the visitors are free to decide if they want to join these trips or not. Fortunately, I opted in favour of them, and it helped to gather some invaluable experiences in the end too.