Incredible Bichitrapur – defining 2019 travel trends!

Incredible Bichitrapur – defining 2019 travel trends!

Tourists and weekend travelers visit Digha to enjoy the scenic beauties of seashore, sunrise and sunset. They also enjoy the beauties of flora and fauna and with their families and friends, they make every moment cheerful and exceptional. But, tourism in Digha remains incomplete without paying a visit to Bichitrapur. Bichitrapur is situated at around 15 kms from Digha, and here, a mangrove forest has been developed by Odisha Government so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the green environment in the lap of nature. 

Explore the beauty of Bichitrapur mangrove forest

Almost all tourists from various Digha Hotels visit Bichitrapur to experience the beauty of the mangroves and the meeting point of Subarnarekha River and the Bay of Bengal. 

From Digha at first, you have to reach Khadibil. It is the most convenient gateway to reach Bichitrapur Mangrove Forest. Due to successful regeneration and conservation initiatives, the mangrove forest of Bichitrapur has turned into a shelter and breeding ground for birds, Olive Ridley turtles and crabs.

If you want to explore the mangrove forest and a few nearby islands, a boat ride will be the best option for you. You can explore the surroundings well if your hired boat floats amid a high tide. Apart from natural beauty all around, you can also find many fishing boats. Click pictures of fishing activities and make your trip memorable. 

Experience the scenic beauty of the beds of water-weathered trees. They have made the marshy lands completely watery green. You will see Red Ghost Crabs roaming the mudflats. If you visit the mangrove forest during winters, you can find migratory birds.

Other tourist attractions in Bichitrapur

You can visit Bhusandeswar Shiva Temple which is around 10 kms away from Khadibil. In this temple, there is a 12 feet long and 14 feet wide Shiva lingam. 

There is another Shiva temple at Chandaneswar town and here, there is a Krishna Temple too. 

How you can reach Bichitrapur and explore its tourist destinations? 

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