Looking for a trendy themed multi-cuisine restaurant in Digha? Visit Aqua Blues

Looking for a trendy themed multi-cuisine restaurant in Digha? Visit Aqua Blues

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We love our fair share of eating out, don’t we? Once in a while, we all love to indulge ourselves into some delicious recipes that are only available in restaurants. Well, what if you’re on a vacation and the hotel you’re residing in, boasts of one of the best restaurants in the town? One of the best hotels in Digha is offering just that – a multi-cuisine restaurant with a unique and trendy theme to give you a memorable experience!

looking for multi-cuisine restaurant in Digha? Aqua Blues in Hotel Coral is the one for you!

What to expect from Aqua Blues?

Aqua Blues, a beach themed poolside restaurant in Digha has earned ample fame for its unique theme and delicious cuisines. It’s set in an underwater surrounding covered in glass walls that lets you look at the soothing view of the waterfall, giving you an exotic beach feel! The restaurant is accompanied by an adjoining bar which only increases its appeal.

But, this calming atmosphere isn’t the best part about the restaurant. Its multi-cuisine palette full of delicious dishes and several exciting offers is its USP. You can get meals throughout here; whether you just want breakfast, or at lunch, or want to end the day with a special dinner, there’s never a shortage of options. Moreover, the multi-cuisine theme makes it even more special to grab a bite at Aqua Blues. Unlike most Digha hotels, you can get the most exotic Chinese cuisine, as well as continental dishes, seafood, and traditional Indian dishes as well.

But, don’t think of it as a main-course heavy restaurant! The captivating list of starters and desserts are sure to make you drool. But, apart from these exciting dishes, the restaurant also offers both buffet and seating arrangements, right from morning till night! And, due to the expertise of professional and well-trained staff, the experience is among the best.

Hotel Coral Digha – one of the most important holiday hotels in Digha – is the hotel where you get to enjoy Aqua Blues’ delicacies. We have planned our in-house restaurant in a way that it serves all kinds of guests in the best way possible.

Be it a fun party with friends or a family gathering, Aqua Blues deserves to be your go-to restaurant, when in Digha, and very rightly so! A restaurant boasting of the best amenities at affordable rates; you wouldn’t opt for any other restaurant!