Pre-wedding Photoshoot – Digha the Perfect Location

Pre-wedding Photoshoot – Digha the Perfect Location

Pre-wedding photoshoot” it is, said my fiancé. We have been together for quite some time now, to be précised we have successfully completed few years together with hand in hand firm as ever. We have reached a phase where I don’t really have to take the effort to tell him how I feel, this is the exact reason why he could so easily decipher how anxious I was about making our wedding a success.

Just like any other girl, I have been planning a perfect wedding ever since I was 8 years old. The fact that we are the millennial has just made me aware that it just does not has to be a success but it needs to be picture perfect, literally!

Excitement For Pre-wedding Photoshoot

It was three months before our wedding when I went panicky one day realizing that we are just few months away from tying the knots and we have not yet finalized our photographer. Having firsthand experience of how a photographer can make or break the dream of a perfect wedding, I was in no mood to take a risk. I wanted to run a trial to get comfortable with my photographer and most importantly with the camera apart from the make-up and everything. Further, who does not need a few perfect pre-wedding pictures that tell the tale of your beautiful relationship that has ultimately lead to this beautiful day – your wedding!

I was at the edge of tearing my hair looking at the options of thousand photographers, each claiming to be the best in their field and each demanding quite a lot to do the same. Apart from that one has to decide a venue. You cannot just click pictures anywhere when you know that these are going to be the pictures which will help you look back and smile reminiscing about the most beautiful times of your life.

pre-wedding photoshoot in digha | Pre-wedding photography in digha | Hotel Coral

Coral the Perfect Place for Wedding Photoshoot

I was a mess when my fiancé came to my rescue. Apparently he has been to Digha with few of his friends recently for some watersport where he encountered some couples going for a photoshoot. Being inquisitive by nature he went ahead and asked them what was it about. That’s when he came to know about hotel Coral in Digha. It is one of the best luxury family hotels in Digha that provides you 3 star luxury services in the bare minimum charges with plenty of offers on online hotel booking. Hotel Coral provides you free access to photo-shoot. With its outdoor swimming pool, garden, a shared lounge and a children’s playground coupled with the experts photographers to click your pictures: this hotel is perfect to suffice the varied needs for your perfect pre-wedding photoshoot.

Pre-wedding photography in Digha | Hotel Coral

So someone like me can now just book a room and rest assured knowing that they have someone to ensure that they get the pictures of themselves that will make them want to fall in love again.