Seafood & Digha are almost synonymous.

Seafood & Digha are almost synonymous.

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Digha is one of the most sought-after destinations for people living in and around Kolkata for a quick trip away from the busy city life. Its proximity to the city and beautiful sea beaches make Digha one of the ideal places to get away to. There are several places to go in and around Digha it, but Digha is not just known for its scenic beauty and serene beaches. If anyone happens to be a great lover of seafood, then Digha is definitely the best place for them to go to. This beach town is a paradise for seafood lovers providing the best seafood delicacies, fish delicacies and a wide range of local Bengali cuisine.

Here are a few dishes that you must not miss out under any circumstances. Mouthwatering seafood dishes are also available at our theme restaurant, Aqua Blues, which is among the best restaurants in Digha.

Seafood & Digha are almost synonymous.

Feasting at Digha

For any fish lover, Digha becomes anyone’s sea food haven. From a wide array of fishes like Pomfret, bhetki and prawn, various dishes on many other sea fishes are also available on the beaches as well as some of the best restaurants in Digha like Aqua Blues. Vegetarians also have great options to choose on continental dishes.

The juiciest tiger prawn fries

Digha is home to some of the best tiger prawn dishes such as ‘daabchingri’ or ‘chingrimaacher malaikari’. If you love prawns, then dining at a theme restaurant or the beach would be the best option to acquire the most luxurious seafood experience.

Crabs, fish fries, and curries

Crab dishes also account for some of the best seafood dishes all throughout Digha. The regular fish fry is given a twist and the tastiest garnishing is provided along with it. Curries of fish also give you a flavor of the lanes of Kolkata, cooked in the typical Bengali style. One of the most popular curries in Digha happen to be the shol fish curry.

Seafood & Digha are almost synonymous.
Winding up, if you happen to be a foodie, then Digha is the best place for you. Enjoy the serene beaches while you devour some of the best seafood options in all of West Bengal. Hotel Coral Digha is ranked among the best Digha hotels and our theme restaurant Aqua Blues serves as a seafood paradise.