Shower Joy With Colors This Holi in Digha (Dol Utsav 2020)

Shower Joy With Colors This Holi in Digha (Dol Utsav 2020)

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Seeing the red-lettered day of holi in calendar a few can claim of not visualizing the nostalgic past memories drenched in color of love, passion or separation. May it be the agile childhood chasing at strangers armed with color-filled pichkaris and water-filled balloons. The entire locality lived under the delightful terror of being attacked by the notorious kids, daring to unlock house to anyone. Magenta, silver and golden colors had always taken the top positions in holi shopping list. The amount of fun one had was directly proportional to the left-over colors on skin and nails the next day in school. More was the color the more one had boasting of playing better holi compared to others. The fun of playing holi in childhood with a fountain of joy and vigorous excitement can never be paralleled to any age. Kids hardly run from colors rather ready to pollute themselves with horrific combinations and fit to pose hardly recognizable photos as monsters with blue-purple faces. Now, this holi, let’s celebrate Holi in Digha with Hotel Coral. Join our Dol Utsav 2020 and make your holi special.

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Holi is played with grace during youth, the spring festival brings romance in air. A fervent desire of smearing first crush in vermilion red gulal, keeps burning in juvenile hearts. Or it may be the first time getting intoxicated by unknowingly consuming bhang or alcohol, laughing out lungs after regaining senses discussing about the unconscious misdeeds. Last but not the least humming Big B’s signature song “Raang barse bhige chunaarwali”, presently with Bollywood’s grace we shifted to “Balam Pichkari”.

holi songs amitabh bachanHoli a spring celebration of love, frolic and colors at times makes us feel nostalgic, remembering the past golden days of childhood or youth that we had once been part of. The friends, relatives or colleagues on whom we had once sprinkled colors got detached with the fleeting time. Consoling ourselves telling a lost time is never found.

We all have either sweet or sour accounts related to Holi. As on my part a couple of holis were though impulsive yet entertaining for me. It was during my early teenage, I along with some friends decided to attack local boys gang, infamous for teasing us. We smudged those lads lovingly with pulp of rotten eggs, tomatoes, tar, leaves of Stinging Nettle, colors and ran away as fired bullets. The composition was enough to treat the youngsters. As the festival of colors signifies the victory of good over evil.

Although passed several years of life, landing to Holi, that evergreen childhood day flashes past my mind. So Enjoy this Holiday with best holiday hotels in digha