Time to Go Back to Traditional Eco-Resorts in Digha

Time to Go Back to Traditional Eco-Resorts in Digha

coraldigha coraldigha May 28, 2021 Digha Tourism

With great power, comes great responsibility. And, with great responsibilities, come even greater innovations. The beauty of Digha lies in its uniqueness and an innate ability to restructure itself while still maintaining the core beauty of the coastal town. In an attempt to awe the tourists and earn the tag of one of the most visited tourist destinations in West Bengal. Tourism in Digha has ushered in tourists from far and near largely because of that ability to present itself in a new look almost every season. So, now its time for eco-resorts in digha, redefining the peace.

Eco-village – The new eco-resorts in digha.

Ideated as a welcome innovation from the West Bengal government, the tourist resort based on a village model – named Bongo Sanskritic Gram – is a project authorized by Digha-Sankarpur Development Authority. Digha’s brand new eco-village gives you a whirlwind tour of the Bengali countryside. Digha’s brand value has shot up with the proposal of these mud cottages and ox carts, along with bauls singing their tunes in the most soothing way possible. The lighthearted feeling further ensues as the food on offer consists of some of the most traditional Bengali dishes. With a blend of aromatic rice, dal, shak, vegetable curries and a variety of fishes filling up the menu card, it’s hard not to be feeling enthusiastic about the proposed village.

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Digha’s model village included in Bichitrapur package.

Hotel Coral Digha will include this model village in their package if the tourists want to visit Digha and its nearby places. A trip to Bichitrapur (Wonder Island) includes boating and other opportunities. A car-ride to Udaipur Beach, Talsari Beach, Bhusandeswar Temple and other popular tourist spots in the Odisha side is mandatory, along with free passes for speed boat riding, if available.

A trip to this upcoming model village is included in the local tour of Digha where the tourists can visit Amravati Park, Digha Science Center, Kajaldighi and Biswa Bangla Park among other tourist centers. The tourists are further picked up from Digha Railway Station upon arrival and then are offered a complimentary dinner and free breakfast during their two-night stay at our hotel.

At Hotel Coral Digha, we provide some of the premier facilities to our guests. Our Bichitrapur package includes a stay at the Blue Pearl Room (air-conditioned) along with complimentary dinner for two at our in-hotel restaurant, Aqua Blues. As a holiday hotel in Digha, a trip to the new eco-resorts in Digha that is still under construction is a part of our special Bichitrapur package!