Top 4 monsoon activities to splurge in Digha and Mandarmani!

Top 4 monsoon activities to splurge in Digha and Mandarmani!

coraldigha coraldigha July 7, 2019 Digha Tourism

Digha and Mandarmani are two most favorite getaways for people residing in West Bengal and adjoining areas. These two holiday spots have become even more exciting than ever before. This is mostly because of the many water sports and other activities included in these places. Basically, monsoon is considered to be the best season to visit Digha and Mandarmani. 

Sitting by the beaches and enjoying rain is one of the blissful things you can ever experience. But if some more excitement can be added, the destination becomes even more special. Digha and Mandarmani have turned out to be quite exciting because of the inclusion of some innovative features. Let’s take a look at them:

Boating in Amravati Lake

This is perhaps the most special feature in the monsoon season. Boating in Amravati Lake is one of the main attractions and has been added in the package for all hotels in Digha. The boat ride is of 20-30 minutes and is the best way to explore nature during monsoon. 

Boating in Amarvati| Digha Tourism

Ropeway at Amravati Park

This is a very recent addition in the entire Digha-Mandarmani tour. The ropeway will run along the entire Amravati Park. The length of the ropeway is approximately 150 to 200 meters and tourists will be able to get a better view of Digha from the ropeway. This has been highly promoted by tourism in Digha.  

Ropeway at Amravati Park| Digha Tourism

Water sports at Digha Beach

Digha beach is no longer that mundane beach with the least activities to indulge in! Now the most exciting water sports have been included. For monsoon, there is special protection arranged altogether and this season brings you the best experience and essence of these interesting water sports. With the increase in the number of people visiting Digha, water sports have also gained a lot of exposure. 

water sports | Digha Tourism

Digha – Mandarmani festival

The Digha–Mandarmani festival happens to be the biggest attraction during monsoon. It gives tourists the opportunity to experience a great ambience. Moreover, the demand for fishes has also risen. This festival has everything to offer related to monsoon. 

Digha – Mandarmani festival| Digha tourism

These monsoon activities have brought in more tourists. Our venture, Hotel Coral at Digha has included the best features so that you can enjoy your stay at our hotel as well as take pleasure in the activities. You will experience monsoon like never before. Being one of the best Digha hotels, our amenities will satisfy you even more. Our team has also added some new features for monsoon especially. Don’t give them a miss!