WB Government to sell fish online during the lockdown

WB Government to sell fish online during the lockdown

Hotel Coral Hotel Coral April 29, 2020 Digha Hotels

People living in West Bengal will be getting fish online since the government has decided to launch an app that would deal with the raising of prices amidst coronavirus outbreak. The West Bengal Fisheries Development Corporation will also be able to sell fish online to various districts in the states. Most of the hotels in Digha like Hotel Coral Digha serve fresh fish meals as well.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted various sorts of business resulting in the price rise of essential commodities including food. The decision of launching an application to sell fish online was taken due to the same scenario. Thus, with the help of this, the government is aiming to deal with the price rise in the fish market. Not only in terms of the price, but it will also help people of the state to buy fishes without having to visit the crowded market.

With the help of the online fish application, one can order several types of fish which are favourite among the people in the districts of West Bengal. The application can be helpful for people residing in Kolkata who just cannot afford to go without fish for long. They can order fishes like rohu, catla and parshe. Also, the places which are tourist spots in the state may find the latest decision helpful.

Notably, Digha is one of the places where various visitors go every week. It is one of the best places for a short trip for the people in West Bengal and surrounding. Although they stay for a short duration, fish is one of the major attractions in food which they do not want to miss anyhow. It is served in every good hotel in Digha. Also, there are several places and stall full of various kinds of seafood to try. Most of the hotels in Digha like Hotel Coral Digha serve fresh fish meals as well.

Stuck In Digha? No Worries At All

Due to the current pandemic, the lockdown has forced people to stay where they are. Many people are stuck in places like Digha. However, if one happens to be a visitor, he will not face much difficulty after getting a 3-start budget hotels in Digha. Hotels like Coral has also taken initiatives to keep the surrounding clean and sanitised to avoid the possibilities of the spread of disease.

While the lockdown is one of the worst scenarios where people are facing various types of issues, business sectors are the ones which are massively affected. The lockdown due to the pandemic has forced offices to shut down offices and stop the transportation of goods. Although the government has taken steps to make sure that people are getting the daily essentials, there is still uncertainty when the situation would be completely under control.