While visiting Digha, you mustn’t miss out on seafood. Here’s why!

While visiting Digha, you mustn’t miss out on seafood. Here’s why!

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A favorite destination for many due to the scrumptious cuisines that are served here, Digha is a blessed town in terms of seafood that it has on offer. Its ideal location as a coastal town enhances the beauty and elegance that Digha exudes. Some of the hotels in Digha attract plenty of tourists throughout the year due to their wonderful array of seafood.

When in Digha, do not miss out on seafood

Digha is almost like a paradise for seafood lovers. There’s abundant seafood delicacies present in the town and the typical ones like Pomfret, Bhetki, Ilish and Tiger Prawns are the most fancied ones among the lot. For vegetarians as well, Digha’s continental cuisines and fresh coconut waters are refreshing enough to make your day a positive one!

While visiting Digha, you mustn’t miss out on seafood. Here’s why!

The seafood delicacies in Digha

Digha’s seafood delicacies are available in abundance throughout its seaside stalls. The delicious Pomfret Fry is among the most popular dishes in Digha which is available at most of the sea-beach stalls. Tiger Prawn – possibly the most on-demand seafood item in majority of Digha hotels – are presented in varied ways. Grilled Prawn, Chingri Machher Malai Curry and Dub Chingri are some of the most popular Tiger Prawn dishes available. Crabs are also available as a prime seafood dish throughout Digha.

Shol Fish Curry and Pabda Fish Curry are popular preparations of two of the most widely available fishes in Digha. Shol and Pabda fishes are cooked in different ways to soothe customers’ appetite. Spanish Fish Fry and Rava Fried Fish are prepared from Shol fish; whereas, Pabda fish items include the Pabda Fish Fry and Pabda Fish Curry dipped in mustard gravy.

Apart from these, Digha is blessed with a barrage of seafood items which are available throughout the hotels of the town, or in the large number of seaside stalls.

Tourism in Digha receives a lot of attention due to the abundance of seafood. If the delicious tastes of the seafood dishes weren’t enough, these are available at very reasonable rates. Missing out on seafood while in Digha is a costly blunder from anybody that would make it. A chunk of Digha’s popularity lies in its delectable seafood cuisine and feasting on these pocket-friendly dishes is a must