Digha’s prime attraction is the flat hard beach, which stretches far miles by miles. The beach’s scenic beauty increased by delightful sunrise and sunsets, casuarinas plantation and crystal clear water is simply alluring. Moreover, the main reason for Kolkattans to head towards it for a much needed weekend breaks. Digha is most well known beach resort of West Bengal for a quiet holiday with various places of interest around it.

New Digha

It is the newer section of the town with the beach that is appropriate for a relaxing holiday in addition to appealing beach and different luxury hotel. The latest attraction of New Digha is the Science Center which was inaugurated by the National Council of Science Museums. The Centre delivers a wide range of mechanisms to make science a pleasurable learning experience. A fun glass calculates individual height. A skeleton provides company for bicycle racing. An Eskimos’ Igloo becomes a planetarium. Also in the enclave there is the Centre’s Science Park, which gives entertaining educational chances. A park is presenting the Jurassic Age which has also been created at the Centre. The Asia’s largest Marine Aquarium is situated just opposite of the hospital in Digha.

There is a small park attached with a lake renowned as Amravati Lake where you can enjoy an exciting boat ride. Just near this lake there has a Snake Farm, which becomes an added attraction.

Temple Near Digha

An old popular Siva Temple, located only at a distance 8 km from Digha you may visit. Also Lankeswari (14 km.) and Kapal Kundala Temple (45 km.) are quite famous for its traditional aspect which is also associated with Bankimchandra’s novel Kapal Kundala.


Shankarpur, is almost a current discovery. It is a twin beach of Digha, along the Digha-Contai Road which is around 14 km from Digha. It is now enhanced as a sea resort with hotels. Shankarpur is mainly credited for all the benefits of Digha and reducing the crowd. Apart from the long, tree-lined mesmerizing beach, the prime attraction is the Shankarpur Fishing Harbour Project.


Junput is considered as another beach resort of West Bengal, although the beach here is usually revealed only when the tide ebbs. Undoubtedly it is a soothing sight. After independence, Junput was overlooked for progress as a beach resort, Digha being selected instead. After that, Junput was selected for scientific research and industry. This has become a centre for studies in marine biology which is nucleus for the area’s sea-fish research and shark oil extraction. For breeding ducks, Junput also has a farm. Also, brackish water fish cultivation and research are conducted here by the State Government Fisheries Department. A bus from Digha generally would lead towards Junput via Kanthi.

Now, we hope that you won’t hesitate to plan a tour to Digha.