Why Hotel Coral in Digha is the place to fall in love with your wife once again!

Why Hotel Coral in Digha is the place to fall in love with your wife once again!

Your wife is your partner through good and bad. She is that beautiful lady who manages your home, takes care of your children, cooks the family’s meal and what not! Obviously, at times our busy action-packed work schedules get the better of you both and before you know it, your marriage is just a monotonous routine!
But hang on…is it? No, not with Digha’s best luxury family hotel, Hotel Coral at your aid!  This 3-star budget hotel in Digha can do wonders to revive the romance in your marriage! So, here is how Hotel Coral promises to make you fall in love with your wife all over again.

Book accommodation at the best luxury family hotel at a reasonable price

Hotel Coral is a beautiful resort in Digha which will give you ample luxury and time to relax within a satisfactory budget. Choose from our three categories of rooms – White Pearl, Blue Pearl, and Silver Pearl. These rooms face the landscaped grounds of the hotel, garden, and charming poolside respectively. Indulge in some quality romantic time with your wife in any of these luxurious rooms. Rooms are equipped with king-size beds, 22’’ inch LED TV, Mini Bar, and more comfortable facilities.

Indulge in delectable mouth-watering cuisines in our themed restaurant

At Coral, we have our own restaurant and it is a themed restaurant showing the underwater! They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but trust us when we say that the same applies to a woman! Indulge your wife’s taste buds at Aqua Blues, the themed restaurant within Coral that serves traditional cuisine, Chinese, and continental dishes. However, if you really want your lady to fall head over heels in love with you, treat her to our scrumptious seafood!

Some quiet romantic moments at our beach-shaped pool

Yes, the Digha beach is amazing, however, if you don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of crowds, enjoy a cool and refreshing dip in our beach-shaped pool with your wife without stepping away from the hotel’s premises. 

Trip to Bichitrapur at the luxury family hotel

At Coral, we have created a wonderful package deal for you! This package includes many freebies such as free breakfast while spending two nights at our premium blue pearl room, one complimentary dinner at Aqua Blues, free boating passes to wonderland. The package will allow you and your wife to explore many beaches around Digha such as Talsari Beach, Udaipur Beach, Bhusandeswar temple, etc. Explore Bichitrapur and revive your romance with your wife.

Come explore this seaside place at Hotel Coral with your wife. We promise you, you’ll keep coming back to us- again and again!