Get the best Bengali restaurants in Digha serving authentic Bengali delicacies!

Get the best Bengali restaurants in Digha serving authentic Bengali delicacies!

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There’s something special about Bengali food. Just the right amount of sweetness mixed with the right amount of spice serves up a proper Bengali dish. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of all things food, there’s a high chance that you love the uniqueness that Bengali dishes quite literally bring to the table. Digha hotels specialize in serving some of the tastiest Bengali dishes.

Coastal Digha and Bengali food – a match made in heaven!

Digha symbolizes the authenticity of Bengali dishes and rightly so! The coastal township is blessed with its natural beauty, but what really stands out is the rich Bengali cuisine that’s served in all its glory. Trips to Digha are mostly combined with a desire to try the best Bengali delicacies.

The best Digha hotels serve all kinds of meals throughout the day. Lunch and dinners are especially filled with Parshe Shorshe, Shorshe Pomfret, Ilish Bhapa and other delicious fish-themed Bengali dishes. Alu Posto, Bhola Bhetki and Chholar Dal are three extremely popular dishes among the tourists who visit Digha to savor the delicacies. There are several set meals at the restaurants that centered on fish items popular in the Bengali culture. These include the very popular Bhetki Thali, Parshe Thali, Katla Thali, Ilish Thali, Pomfret Thali and several other such delectable meal packs.

Digha’s on-demand beach food is another reason why tourists love to visit the town now and then. Fishes, prawns and crabs available as fresh catch are fried or cooked immediately in the stalls and they blend perfectly with Bengali dishes. These tasty and hygienic preparations are very pocket-friendly and can be obtained without much difficulty either.

you’ll get the best Bengali restaurants in Digha serving authentic Bengali delicacies!


Aqua Blues brings you the ultimate Bengali cuisine

The in-house restaurant at our holiday hotel in Digha, Aqua Blues serves some ideal Bengali dishes to the guests. We believe that food is our religion and we stick true to it, serving elegant dishes such as Doi Machh, Mutton Roganjosh, and Prawn Malai Curry among others.

At Aqua Blues, our chefs are adept at preparing the kind of Bengali dish that everybody will be bound to love. Moreover, our restaurant is designed with a beach-themed manner, making it a pleasant surprise for our guests who sink deep into the ecstasy of Bengali delicacies.