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We, at Hotel Coral, had written about some of the scrumptious seafood available in Digha in the past! However, we feel there is much more to add to our previous blog post! For us at Hotel Coral, Digha continues to be synonymous with food!

Digha is one of the most prominent weekend holiday destinations for people of Kolkata. Just a few kilometres away, this idyllic town is all about sea, sun, sand and, without a doubt, its mouthwatering food. This beach town is hugely popular for food lovers. If Bengali cuisine, seafood or fish delicacies are your favourites, pack a light bag and head to Digha today.

Checkout 6 Amazing Sea Food To Try in Digha

  1. The Oh-So Delicious Pomfret Fry- Pomfret fry is a favorite amongst people holidaying in Digha. Just close your eyes and imagine – a soothing evening breeze, the rhythmic sound of the sea and a plate of delicious fried Pomfret. Nothing can be more heavenly than that, isn’t it? Sold at sea beach stalls, these pomfrets come very fresh. It is always recommended to choose your own fish and have it fried before your eyes.
  2. Crabs – A weekend trip to Digha is incomplete if you haven’t gorged on a plate of crabs. Tender, juicy and an absolute delight for a foodie, crabs should be a culinary necessity if you’re visiting Digha. If you’re staying at Hotel Coral, we have our own restaurant, Aqua Blues, that serves an amazing Crab Masala which is a spicy concoction of king crab cooked in rich gravy. At Aqua Blues, food is our only religion. We would also recommend you to try the crab curry found in most sea beach stalls.
  3. Tiger Prawns – Prawns and crabs are found in abundance in every restaurant in Digha. Being a beach town close to the sea, various preparations of prawns can be found here. However, one of our favourites is the Chingri Maacher Malai Curry cooked with prawns and cream. Also, another much-loved dish is the Daab Chingri, which is cooked with coconut. At Hotel Coral’s in-house restaurant, Aqua Blues, you should try out our Prawn Masala and the Prawn Malai Curry which is nothing but Daab Chingri.
  4. Pabda Fish Fry and Padba Fish Curry – Another very popular and much-loved delicacy found in the beach town of Digha is the Padba Fish Fry and its curry. Most beach stalls cook various interesting preparations of Pabda. However, a popular preparation is one cooked in spicy and rich mustard gravy.
  5. Luchi And Torkari or Sabji – A vegetarian reading this blog shouldn’t be left out of choices! One very popular breakfast choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike is the delicious and mouthwatering luchi and torkari or sabzi. This is a typical luxury breakfast item that we don’t usually indulge in during working days. But, if you’re holidaying in Digha, why not start your morning with a plate of fluffy, white and soft luchis and some sabzi to go with it? To make this meal a complete success, finish it off with a cup of tea or coffee. At Aqua Blues, along with Puri Sabji (another name for luchi torkari), we have many other breakfast options like bread toast and jam, alu paratha with curd, chicken sandwich and any more.
  6. Chicken Pakora or Veg Pakora – This is a tempting option for a midday snack. Not just chicken or vegetable pakora, if you love indulging in finger food to satiate your hunger pangs try some fish finger or onion pakora. These snacks are easily available in any roadside stalls or in the beach itself. Immediately deep-fried in hot oil, these snacks should be eaten immediately to savour them to the fullest.

Digha is an amazing holiday location if you are looking for a quick getaway for a day or two. If you’re looking for some relaxing time amidst fresh air and water and with plenty of scrumptious sea food, Digha is the place for you!