What Makes Aqua Blues The Most Preferred Restaurant in Digha?

What Makes Aqua Blues The Most Preferred Restaurant in Digha?

coraldigha coraldigha February 9, 2021 Restaurant

We don’t live in a relaxed society. We’re almost always on the clock and almost always are we in desperate need of a stress-buster! If you ever feel stressed out in your busy work schedule, do not hesitate to pack your bags and head over to Hotel Coral Digha. We have the most loved Multicuisine Restaurant in Digha to make your stay memorable. We specialize in serving mouth water delicious Chinese, India, Bengali food in Digha.

 Why Our Quests Rated us the Best Restaurant in Digha?

Let’s be honest – is there a better way to deal with stress than gorging on the most delicious cuisines in digha that you can imagine? No, there isn’t. It’s safe to say that food is as good a stress-buster as any! And, to help you realize and relish all the intricacies of the delicacies, there’s Aqua Blues at Hotel Coral’s in-house restaurant open from morning till night.

Set in an underwater surrounding accompanied by an adjoining bar, it is the first of its kind. Our poolside, beach-themed restaurant will really help you blow off some stress and recharge yourself in the daily life that awaits! Moreover, it’s located by the pool with glass walls, giving you an uninterrupted, soothing view of the waterfall that can take away your stress.

Aqua Blues among the top-rated restaurants in Digha. Needless to say that we serve delicious seafood, but also, there’s an array of Chinese and continental dishes in our beach themed restaurant. We offer breakfast as well as brunch, lunch, and dinner, and some of the best Indian dishes are available at night. Apart from our main courses, we also offer delectable gourmet ice creams to keep your taste buds happy. Our restaurant has both seating and buffet arrangements.

Tourism in Digha has ushered largely due to the amazing quality of food available at the restaurants. Aqua Blues is one of those many, but, amongst the best, too.

It’s planned in such a way that you could use it for any purpose as you wish. Whether you’re on a family gathering or a birthday party, or, even on a romantic getaway, this restaurant is simply the perfect one for you. And, if that wasn’t all, the pocket-friendly rates of the cuisines make it all the more affordable and attractive to every person that wants to enjoy Digha’s intricacies!