Adventure sports – Adding a new dimension to the Digha coastline!

Adventure sports – Adding a new dimension to the Digha coastline!

Digha coastline includes places like Tajpur, Mandarmoni, Bakkhali and many other which have acquired fame because of the variety of entertainment quotients being added to these places. It so happens that package trips provide many other entertainment items and even some of the best Digha hotels provide many lucrative facilities and nowadays adventure sports have become increasingly popular among the young crowds.

More about the adventure sports in Digha coastline.

➥ Several nature camps and local outfitters organize wide range of adventure activities. Hence, these help in the involvement of sports activities in the beaches of Digha and they are extremely alluring and sought-after.

➥ There are many adventure water sports that would leave you awestruck. They are parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, coastal biking and treks, rubber boat propelling, even water zeroing. Tourists are highly attracted to all these sports and these have enhanced the demand for the Digha coastline areas.

➥ Tourism in Digha is now more advanced and they have brought in a new dimension to Digha and its adjacent areas.

➥ Sports fishing are also another item added to the adventure sports category and this is attracting more tourists now.

➥ Water Zorbing is yet another fun water sports which is popular among all age groups. This adventure sports is creating waves among the tourists and it is really an enjoyable one. Digha is highly attractive these days more because of the addition of such attractive adrenaline pumping water sports.

➥ Water skiing is also a great attraction in Digha coastline and none wants to give it a miss these days. For those who are able to do it properly, it is an amazing experience.

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Digha has been traditionally one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people of Kolkata. The charm of this beach town draws people living in this part of the country time and again. Now, the new dimension of water sports to Digha and its neighboring areas have created rage all over and more tourists are gathering there to have a blissful time enjoying the water sports and other adventure sports. Adventure sports are surely the best part of Digha nowadays.


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