Basic Safety tips while Trolling at Digha Sea Beaches

Basic Safety tips while Trolling at Digha Sea Beaches

Yes Digha continues to be one of the most popular destinations for a quick  getaway trip. No doubt about it. A major reason for this is of course the long and beautiful digha sea beaches. The charm of the beaches of Digha seems to draw us always. We can do little to stay away and end up spending much of our time there. When on the beach during holidaying we often tend to be care free. We may flout some basic safety norms which can endanger ourselves and our loved ones. So in order to avoid this we thought we would share with you some basic safety tips while on the Digha beaches from the experts of Hotel Coral Digha.

Safety tips to bear in mind while at Digha Sea Beaches:

You must bear in mind that a relaxing weekend trip to Digha can easily turn sour with a rogue sea wave. So you must be careful to deal with the dangers at the digha sea beaches.

Check the weather: It is best to avoid the beach if there is forecast of thunder and lightning. If there is a thunder storm you could wait for it to stop before you head for the beach.

Know how to swim in the sea if you are planning to do so. Ocean swimming is different from a calm swimming pool or lake — be prepared to deal with strong surf before running in. If you’re at digha sea beaches with a child or adult who can’t swim, make sure everyone has a well-fitting life jacket handy.

If you are planning swim in the sea beware of the fact that the sea floor is not flat. So before heading for the sea know that the ocean floor can drop of suddenly. So don’t move out quickly without being prepared to swim in water which may be over your head. It is also best to be in a group when you head for the sea. This will help everyone if you need help at any point of time.

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Beware of the waves: Strong waves at sea are merciless. They cause serious injuries like broken collar bones, dislocated shoulders to serious spinal cord injuries. When in the water or near the water line (where the water hits the shore), never put your back to the waves. You could also seek advice from expert sea swimmers how to deal with them.

It is best to avoid alcohol before you hit the sea. It has been noted that sometimes drowning can happen which are alcohol related.

Watch out for sunstroke and heat exhaustion: In case the sun is strong on the beach, you must protect yourself with hats and umbrellas. Heat Exhaustion can result from dehydration, so you must drink plenty of water and fluids to prevent it. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include confusion and dizziness and fatigue. You could also suffer from headaches, muscle cramps and weakness. So in case you find you are suffering from any symptoms seek medical help immediately.

We hope that by following the basic tips mentioned above your quick getaway trip to Digha would indeed be enjoyable and safe at the same time. In case you are looking for the best Digha Hotel then Hotel Coral Digha is the one of the best luxury hotels of Digha. For further details visit our website.


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