Beach Safety Tips Every Beach Lover should Follow in Digha

Beach Safety Tips Every Beach Lover should Follow in Digha

Safety lies in your own hand. Hence, one should know how to be cautious and safe always. Digha is one of the most visited places in West Bengal. The close proximity of Digha to Kolkata and its good connectivity both by trains and by road are reasons enough for taking a quick break to the coastal town. The best Digha hotels are also plenty in numbers and they serve their best to the visitors. But when we are taking a trip to the seaside, especially Digha, certain safety measures or precautions should definitely be taken. Let’s see what they are:

  • First and foremost, check the weather conditions before heading towards the sea beach. This is more important during monsoons than any other season. It is best to avoid swimming during bad weather conditions. The sea can be merciless.
  • Always swim in group when you are in the sea. You may be a swimming pro but the sea is unpredictable; hence, swimming alone can be risky.
  • Tourism in Digha has become more attractive; hence, they have introduced many beach activities but you must verify their standard of safety to try all of them.
  • Another great danger at sea is the rip current. Rip currents can form in any large open water area. Hence, you should be well aware of how to tackle them.
  • Don’t rely completely on the lifeguards because you must not forget that they are humans too.
  • It is better not to go deep into the water and most importantly, stay away from fishermen area as their lines, nets, hooks and baits are in and around the water and that may cause great harm to you.

Being in Digha is always fun but safety measures are more important than anything else. Our team at Hotel Coral can guide you regarding all the basic activities and safety and security measures when you are at the beach. These are some of the most important factors that one should take into consideration so that their trip remains memorable for good reasons and not become a bitter one. It should be enjoyable and safe at the same time.


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