Bichitrapur – A Perfect Place for Weekend Travelers Near Digha

Bichitrapur – A Perfect Place for Weekend Travelers Near Digha

A hotspot which soon became popular tourist destination near digha among weekend travelers. A tiny hamlet in Baleswar (Balasore) District of Odisha Bichitrapur is around 15 KM from Digha. Bichitrapur Mangrove Forest is developed by Odisha Forest Sector Development Program in regeneration, conservation and protection of mangrove forests, which is yet to be known by many people. It takes around 2 Hours to reach from Digha which is easy to reach. Motor vans or Autos are easily available making it easier to reach the tinsel town of Bichitrapur.

The word ‘Bichitra’ is synonymous with variety, novelty, etc. and ‘pur’ means place. Travelling to Bichitrapur in your car will be even more adventurous if you have a flexible budget. While going towards Bichitrapur you will also get a glimpse of the river Subarnarekha. Subarnarekha originates in the state of Jharkhand and flows through the town of Ghatshila and flows into the Bay of Bengal at Bichitrapur, Odisha.

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Enjoy Your Ride to Bichitrapur Mangrove Forest

The ride through the single lane road and beautiful villages will captivate your mind. You should also be looking around for signage by Odisha Government because you might lose your way while appreciating the beauty of the villages. As tourism in Bichitrapur is still at it’s nascent stage, there are less visitors here compared to Digha. Finding shops is a bit difficult so getting your supply for the visit is a must.

Explore Yourself at Bichitrapur – Paradise for Weekend Travelers

If you want to spend time alone, away from the crowd, bichitrapur is the best place to be for a day or two. While you are at Bichitrapur don’t miss out the memorable boat rides into the mangrove which would surely take your breathe away. The river Suvarnarekha and the sea, some moments on the boat will be everything that you need from life. On both sides you will find the mangroves and the chirping birds trying to welcome you to their heavenly abode.



You will find numerous medicinal plants there. Did you know even the infamous yet endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles build nests and lay eggs during the breeding season in these beaches. Encounter the serene, quiet and delicate beauty of Bichitrapur, get lost in the peaceful silence of nature and the cacophony of nameless birds, connect with nature once again near your city.

Want to feel free again? Hotel Coral Digha – A premier luxury resort in digha can organize your weekend trip to this beautiful weekend destination. If you are a weekend traveler, Bichitrapur is a must go place near Digha.


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