Bichitrapur – An weekend hotspot just 15 kms from Digha!

Bichitrapur – An weekend hotspot just 15 kms from Digha!

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Weekends! The much-earned rest days after going through the rigorousness of the weekdays. What would you love the most for an ideal weekend? Surely, a weekend hotspot will guarantee a fun time for you? So, look no further than Bichitrapur, an ideal weekend tourist destination, just 15 kilometers from Digha, while you stay at Hotel Coral–one of the best Digha hotels.

Why Bichitrapur?

You may ask–why Bichitrapur, of all places? Well, let’s have a look into it, then!
It’s a tourist destination in Baleswar, Odisha, just about 15 kilometers from Digha. It has earned popularity among weekend travelers, but what’s exciting, is that it is still growing in terms of popularity. The Bichitrapur Mangrove Forest is largely developed under the authorization of Odisha Forest Sector Development Program, and it has helped regenerate, conserve and protects the mangrove forests in the region. There are the single lane roads and the beauty of the village to capture your eyes and soul!

Owing to the scenic beauty of the journey, and the road in-between, it takes around two hours to reach Bichitrapur from Digha, regardless of which Digha hotel you’re staying in.
Having a flexible budget while on a trip to Bichitrapur will make your weekend trip even more exciting. There are quite a few options that you can choose from, to ensure you have an infinite amount of fun on the trip. On the way, there’s the pleasing glimpse of river Subarnarekha that encompasses a large area while flowing into the Bay of Bengal, near Bichitrapur.

Bichitrapur – An weekend hotspot just 15 kms from Digha!

 What’s in it?

Bichitrapur is the perfect place to spend time on, away from the draining claustrophobia of the city life. While you’re there, make sure you don’t miss out on the memorable things you can do! From the pleasant boat rides to the mangrove forests, to the first hand experience of the lesser-known wildlife there, boasting of the sea turtles, the medicinal plants and the thousands of different birds that flock their life away, migrating from far away places every year. Such immaculateness of the wildlife, perfectly complimenting the serene beauty of the river Subarnarekha will blow your mind away in a positive way!


Who would’ve thought Bichitrapur would sound so fun, right? So, what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Hotel Coral, one of the premier holiday hotels in Digha, and plot your dream weekend to Bichitrapur.