Celebrate Monsoon Holiday at Digha Beach with Hotel Coral Digha

Celebrate Monsoon Holiday at Digha Beach with Hotel Coral Digha

Rain, cold breeze, misty mornings! Monsoon in India is very beautiful. The initial spells of the monsoons have meant we can finally switch off the Air Conditioners and welcome the cool breeze. Monsoon means munching on hot “Pakodas” and “Bhajis” with the traditional Indian “Muri”. A long nap during a cool monsoon afternoon is also heavenly. Monsoon season is cherished mostly because of the relief it brings from a long scorching summer. Monsoon is the best time for planning a short trip with family and friends. The concoction of rain and sea heals the mind and refreshes the soul. If you are a sea lover then visiting the nearest sea beach on a weekend and celebrate monsoon holiday will be a best decision.

Monsoon has already arrived in India. It brought a huge relief from the unbearable summer this year. During monsoon season many prefer to stay indoors but monsoon can be the perfect time for a quick holiday trip to Digha, a best weekend destination for people living in Kolkata and adjacent areas. In this blog we will share why monsoon holiday is the best.

monsoon holiday in digha with hotel coral digha

Monsoon Holiday By The Sea with Hotel Coral Digha:

Monsoon the Best Time to Relax: Not just for the sake of vacation, but as a lover of nature, books, and a cup of tea monsoon is the best time when you can just sit back with a book in your hand and relax. Enjoy the awesome combination of cool breeze, drizzle, Assam tea, and a book in your hand in a comfortable hotel room. What more is needed?

Monsoon Means Less Crowd, More Peace: Monsoon is considered to be an off season for tourists. So if you want to avoid excessive crowds, plan for a monsoon holiday trip. If you are a lover of peace and want to enjoy the sound of the nature along the sea shore, taking a holiday during monsoons may be the best thing for you.

Monsoon Season Get Lower Hotel Rates: Since monsoon is generally considered to be an off season, hotels provide attractive discounts for travelers. Which means you could travel and stay within budget at most locations.

So why wait more? Plan your monsoon holiday at Hotel Coral Digha, one of the best luxury hotels & resorts in Digha. You can enjoy the best services of the hotel at affordable rates.


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