Current Travel & hotel Industry Image in Digha

Current Travel & hotel Industry Image in Digha

It is summer and soon the schools across the state would close down for their summer vacations. This itself would bring about a huge upsurge in travel throughout West Bengal, especially in Kolkata and the surrounding places. Bengalis traditionally have been known to be travel enthusiasts. Being in the hospitality business since long we thought we would try to analyze the current travel trends for West Bengal and this part of the country. So in this blog, we would explore the current travel trends and the hotel industry size in Digha.

Digha : An all time favourite place for tourists

Be it summer, winter or monsoon, Digha has always been the favourite tourist destination for all. The reasons for its popularity are many. These include its proximity to Kolkata, the fact that it can easily be reached and ideal for quick getaway holiday breaks. However, in recent time the tourism department of West Bengal has taken many steps to boost tourism in the state. The latest being the initiative to boost Swabujdip in Bankura district as an eco-tourist hub. Bengalis love travelling and could almost travel to any tourist destination and you would Bengali travelers there. Tourism officials of the state are of the opinion that there has been a slight shift in trend for Bengali travelers. They feel that the Bengali travelers of today prefer to go to nearby places for holiday breaks instead of far off places. 

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Accordingly, the Tourism Department of West Bengal has been focusing on developing the traditionally popular tourist destinations in West Bengal. A lot many steps have been taken for developing Digha as well. We have in many of our previous blogs informed you about the same. These include the development of adventure water sports, the introduction of helicopter services to Digha. The State tourism department is also planning to set up house boats, ropeways and trains along the sea shore just to state some of the many initiatives to boost tourism in the region. There is, therefore, no doubt that more and more tourists would pour into Digha. 

Hotels in Digha 

Of the many reasons why Digha is favourite for most travelers in the region is that it has a huge number of hotels. So be it in terms of your budget, the facilities and services you want or anything else you would definitely find your most suitable to fit your need. Therefore you would find the most luxury hotels in Digha with all the latest amenities and facilities to simple budget hotels to suit any budget. So the hotel industry size in Digha is huge. It is one of the main sectors which support the livelihood of many in the region. 

In terms of food, Digha has plenty to offer. You could find the most delicious seafood here and even very simple yet tasty food if that is what you like. 

To conclude we can say that Digha which was a traditional favourite as a tourist destination continues to occupy its place even today. The hotel industry here is big and supports the livelihood of many. With the initiatives of the state government, it has become all the more attractive for tourists.

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