Digha – a beautiful coastal resort town dotted with attractions

Digha – a beautiful coastal resort town dotted with attractions

If you are looking for the best weekend getaway or looking forward to having a beautiful time at some beach, then Digha is your place to be at! Digha is undoubtedly of the best places to choose when it comes to having a great time with your family. If you are travelling from somewhere within Kolkata or West Bengal, then Digha will also be one of the best places to go to for a small road trip with your friends, family and loved ones. Tourism in Digha is definitely among the best kind that you can experience!

Digha offers a wide array of things to do, which you can also do while staying with us at Hotel Coral Digha, which is one of the best hotels in Digha and has been chosen over and over again by many tourists.

Sitting by New Digha Beach

One of our personal favorites is sitting by New Digha Beach enjoying the beautiful breeze. This is a large beach covering a lot of area and you can sit here while also enjoying some local delicacies.

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Visiting Shankarpur Beach & Stay at a resort

If you are not the kind of person who ideally enjoys crowded places or beaches at all, then the secluded and serene Shankarpur Beach is a must for you.

Chandaneshwar Temple for anyone who is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Devotee or not, this temple is a must visit as a tourist for anyone who visits Digha. The temple premises are very peaceful, rendering a different sense of calm to anyone visiting this place.

Visiting the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre

This place is one of our top picks for places that will not only entertain children but also adults alike with the wide array of fishes that are kept in the aquarium, leaving most people completely awestruck.

Visiting the serene Tajpur Beach and spend the evening at a resort

Tajpur Beach is yet another serene and calm beach which is also home to a plethora of tiny crabs.

For your trip, choose us at Hotel Coral Digha which is also one of the preferred corporate hotels in Digha, which also promises a great stay for you with world class services and a luxurious trip planning for you.


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