Digha Diary – Ohh! My First Kolkata Trip

Digha Diary – Ohh! My First Kolkata Trip

coraldigha coraldigha August 31, 2019 Digha Tourism

Kolkata visit is one of the top wishes of every Bengali who resides elsewhere in the country but Kolkata. After all, being a bong by birth, you ought to familiarise yourself with the city of joy. Such was the case with us. Being from North-east and having no relatives residing in Kolkata, there was not an opportunity for us to visit this wonderfully paradoxical city – made up of tradition and modernity, all at once.

I have heard stories of Kolkata and about Victoria palace, Kali Ghat and the same, from my parents and grandparents. Still, there was a feeling that told me something was missing and that there was something more to know about this city.

Being a millennial myself, I was keen not to miss out on anything that the city has to offer. That’s when I started researching on my own. It was my first Kolkata trip to the magnificent city, and I wanted to make the most of it.

Fiddling and scrolling through the websites and blogs online, I came across a blog by Hotel Coral Digha. It was talking about the funfilled trip to Digha and Bichitrapur with a facility of a luxurious stay and all of it at the most affordable prices.

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Excitement For My First Kolkata Trip

Do you know those moments when you happen to come across something that surpasses your imaginations? Well, this was one such moment for me. I was merely looking for the best places and most enjoyable things to do in Kolkata and came across a Digha deal. That will not just afford me the best of my travel experience in the state but also a very profitable deal when it comes to my preference for lodging.

I started to dig in a little and came across their website. That’s when I learned that Hotel Coral Digha is one of the luxury budget hotels in Digha. And its online booking facility enables its customers with the liberty of hotel booking in Digha at their convenience. Further, its amenities such as mini swimming pools, extravagant restaurants such as aqua blues and banquet apart from its lavishly furnished rooms, made it a deal deserving not to miss out upon.

I booked a two day stay with the hotel. And I must conclude that I was not disappointed by the decision at all. Ever since, Hotel Coral has been my top choice every time I happen to visit Digha – be it on a business trip, a family outing or to have a chilling weekend with my buddies. Thus, my first Kolkata trip was exciting and memorable.