Digha: A Gateway to A Romantic Holiday

Digha: A Gateway to A Romantic Holiday

Digha is the most famous tourist destination near Kolkata. It is an easy weekend getaway for everyone from West Bengal. It is situated approximately 177 Km away from Howrah Railway Station. Digha is connected to Kolkata/ Howrah by NH41 and railway.

Apart from being beautiful seaside location, Digha is also famous for amazing seafood. There are many quality and besluxury hotels in Digha which offer state of art facility, luxury and comfort to the visitors. Now a days, as the government is also taking active part in improving the tourism of the state, Digha has been chosen to be in the priority list for further development. Digha Shankarpur Development Authority is working on various projects for development of Digha; one of its recent achievement has been the newly inaugurated Digha Gate which is a magnificent architectural marvel.


West Bengal being a state, where there is abundance of talented artists and singers, we can also have a glimpse of the rich culture of the state, as many famous music bands and artist take part in these festivals. Moreover at night beautiful fireworks enlightens the sky of the beaches and movie lovers can also enjoy various nationally acclaimed movies on big screen on the beaches.


There are various hotels and resorts with world class facilities like ayurvedic spa therapy etc in Digha. It has always attracted tourists from all across India and abroad during durga puja. Like every year, this year Digha Beach festival was organized on the month of February. It is such a place where you can enjoy with whole family. People of every age group can enjoy in this beach festival.


There are amazing facilities for water sports mainly at Digha, Tajpur, Mandarmani beaches. Tourists can take part in different water sports, adventure sports and sea activities at Digha beach. There is a place called Tajpur which is near to Digha and is being developed as a major adventure sports tourism destination, offering many sports like water zorbing, snorkelling, water skiing, papa sailing etc. As football and cricket runs in the blood of everyone in this state, so beach cricket and football etc. can be played by everyone.

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Even if adventure sports is not your thing, you could enjoy the delicacies of the state. There is a seafood festival, where you can select your favorite sea fish that would be cooked in front of you . Hilsa, Pomphret, Bhetki and Prawn are some of the sea foods which Digha is well-known for.

Tourist Attractions:

Famous tourist spots in Digha are New Digha Beach which is the newly developed part of the town with the beach that is suitable for a holiday. In addition to charming beach and various hotels , the recent development in new digha is the Science Museum, established by the National Council of Science Museums. The Science Museum offers various things which can make science an enjoyable learning experience. Various things like, fun glass for measurement of height. Skeleton with bicycle racing, Igloo etc. are displayed over there. There is also a park depicting the Jurassic Age and a Marine Aquarium. You can also enjoy boat ride at the Amravati lake and park. There is also a Snake Farm, near the lake, which is an added attraction. There are several famous Temples like, Siva Temple, Lankeswari, Kapal Kundala Temple near Digha.


Last but not the least, for some shopping experience, we can explore various local shopping markets like Bat Tola Market, Khanika Market, Nehru Market. Moreover, we can also buy some souvenirs, show pieces and junk jewelry made of sea shells n conch from Digha.


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