Why Digha has gained the popularity as a top travel destination in West Bengal?

Why Digha has gained the popularity as a top travel destination in West Bengal?

When you think about travel and tourism in West Bengal the one travel destination which you cannot do without is Digha, the most popular beach town in West Bengal. This popularity of traditionally favourite tourist spot over the years and time has continued unabated. Even today there is no doubt that it occupies one of the top spots in terms of travel tourism. The reasons why it is so popular is almost most obvious. But what is being done by the tourism department to boost it further is what makes it equally popular even today.

Digha: Why we prefer it most?

When we think of any short holiday break, the first place as a travel destination in West Bengal comes to mind is Digha. The reasons are simple. The close proximity to the city along with the good connectivity by both trains and by roads makes it very accessible. What is also an added advantage is that there are plenty of hotels in Digha of all categories. So no matter whatever be your budget you can always find the one which will suit your pocket. 

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The long beautiful sea beaches of Digha along with the coconut trees can give you the perfect break you need to rejuvenate you once again for the future. So it hardly requires any occasion to visit popular travel destination yet again. So be it “Poila Boishak” to celebrate the Bengali New year, The Durga Puja, or Diwali you can visit this romantic destination at any time. All you need is an extended weekend and a booking in Hotel Coral Digha, the best among Digha Hotels. You could start on a Friday afternoon to join back office on Monday, fresh in mind and again raring to go. Most Bengalis love travelling and Digha is the one place where they can easily fulfill their penchant for traveling and enjoying themselves. However, what is being done by the state government in recent times is only adding to revisit in time and again. 

What has been done in recent times? 

In one of our previous blogs titled “THE IMPORTANCE OF DIGHA AS A TOURIST DESTINATION OF BENGAL”, we had covered in great detail of the recent initiatives being undertaken by the state government to boost tourism in the sector. So now visiting Digha you could even enjoy Adventure Sports and much more. In some time you could even enjoy Kerala type House Boats in Digha. You could also avail helicopter services from Kolkata. These are some major steps which are making Digha even more popular like never before.

To conclude we can say there is no doubt about the growing popularity of Digha as a top travel destination in West Bengal. The recent steps by the state government will only make this trend stronger. In case you are planning to visit Digha to experience the new attractions of Digha, you must stay at Hotel Coral Digha, one of the best luxury hotels in Digha


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