Digha Sightseeing: Beaches at a glance

Digha Sightseeing: Beaches at a glance

You may have visited Digha umpteen numbers of times. But this evergreen beach town continues to be one of the most popular tourist places for Digha Sightseeing. With its proximity to Kolkata, it is one of the spots which continue to be the favorite for most Bengali’s. It now enjoys great connectivity both by roads and by trains. This is what makes it an ideal location for a quick getaway. You may have visited Digha many times, but have you been able to explore all the quaint beaches surrounding the area apart from Digha sea beach? If not through this blog we will try to give you some tips about the nearby beaches which you could explore on your next Digha Tour.

Talsari beach: This is a beach which is located in Odisha. This is a beautiful beach which is lined with palm and coconut trees. Amidst such a beautiful location you could enjoy the sunrise or the sunset. The tranquility offered by this beach makes it an ideal location for romance. So if you are with your most special person you could have the time of your life.

talsari sea beach | Digha Sightseeing

Tajpur Beach: This has become one of the “beach gateways” in West Bengal and one of the most popular digha sightseeing location. This beach could provide you with the most spectacular view of the mighty Bay of Bengal. The vast acres of the sandy beach here are lined up with dense forests. As a nature lover you would enjoy visiting the beach.

tajpur sea beach | Digha Sightseeing

Udaypur Beach: This is a beach which is located just 3 km from New Digha along the Odisha border. It is a natural beach. There are cashew forests near the beach. The beach is less crowded and offers great serenity to its visitors.

Udaypur Sea Beach | Digha Sightseeing

Shankarpur Beach: This beach is about 15 km from Digha. This is a beach for the fishermen. So if you lover of fish it is a great place to be in. However there are lots of spots with quick sand. So you need to be careful. However you could still just relax and enjoy the sun set at the beach.

Shankarpur Sea Beach | Digha Sightseeing

Mandarmani Beach: This has really developed as a tourist spot over the years. If you are visiting Digha then surely you could consider spending a night at this newly developed tourist spot. The vast stretch of sandy beach is indeed very beautiful. Mandarmani itself has numerous hotels and resorts now for staying over.

Mandarmani Sea Beach | Digha Sightseeing

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