The Digha Coastal Highway Project – A key Booster of Digha Tourism!

The Digha Coastal Highway Project – A key Booster of Digha Tourism!

Draft alignment of the ambitious coastal highway project from Gopalpur in Odisha to Digha in West Bengal was discussed at very important high level meeting held recently and this is supposed to be a very ambitious project for many reasons. This will also help in the development of many new hotels and other social requirements that will be beneficial for the tourists. This initiative will help Digha tourism bounce back like never before.

The different hotels in Digha will get boosted up to a great extent due to this project. The coastal highway project of 450 kms starting from Gopalpur in Odisha to Digha in West Bengal and the 250 kms ring road around Bhubaneswar will certainly take the economy of the state and tourism sector to its zenith. This will be all advantageous for the different aspects of tourism in the region.

Our entire set up at Hotel Coral will also get a new boost because of the access to Digha and its adjacent places in an easier way. The ministry of the road transport and highways has stated that surveying the 500 kms coastal highway which is on two stretches from Chhatrapur to Ratanpur and again from Ratanpur to Digha will be completed by 2020.

It is well understood that the project will help Digha tourism to develop by leaps and bounds. Tourism in Digha will find a new dimension all together because along with this project many lucrative hotel projects will also come to the forefront. So in this case, our team at Hotel Coral will also be working on the development of the hotel’s infrastructure and prosper with a new appearance. Once the project is successfully completed, the final findings of the survey will be shared with people’s representatives of the concerned areas and the collectors to finalize the road assignment. The estimated cost of the entire project has been pegged at Rs. 5,000 crores. This will help 180 villages of six coastal districts in Odisha and one in Bengal get connected by the road. This will help people from the eastern zone to visit Digha in a much easier way.


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