Thinking of a Quick Weekend Trip to Digha? Know About Weather around the year

Thinking of a Quick Weekend Trip to Digha? Know About Weather around the year

There is no doubt that Digha is one of the most popular getaway locations in and around Kolkata. With the hectic lifestyle and 24×7 work schedules, you always need a quick weekend trip just to get rejuvenated with lots of energy. However, even if you are planning a short trip it is always best to travel when the weather is comfortable. The same goes for Digha too. So in this blog we will share with you some information regarding the weather of Digha. Once you know the weather of Digha around the year you can plan your trips accordingly.

When to visit Digha?

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Truly speaking, for Digha you need not restrict yourself to any particular season or time of the year for visiting it. Digha is alluring and charming and its ambiance is ideal for any quick weekend trip at any time of the year. In terms of weather, though Digha mainly witnesses three main seasons, namely summer, winter and monsoon. The summers here generally begin from the month of April and continue till June. During the summer months, mercury rises to about a maximum of 37-degree celcius. However, cool winds from the sea keep this beach town quite pleasant and amusing even during the hottest months.

In the month July usually there is the onset of monsoons which lasts until the end of September. The place normally experiences average showers. This however instantly brings down the rising mercury levels. Humidity is quite high during these months much like most places of West Bengal. However, with October, the mercury further dips away, making way for winters to set in. During the winters, the temperatures at Digha range from a maximum of 24 degree celcius to a minimum of 3 degree celcius. Winter here lasts till the month of February. It is marked by pleasant and enjoyable climate. July to March is the best time to visit the beach town of Digha. During this time, you can indulge is both sightseeing and water sports.

Thus to visit Digha you need not look for any particular weather. It is attractive at all times during the year. No matter how pleasant the weather but you must stay at the best hotel. Hotel Coral Digha. It is one of the best luxury hotels in Digha offering the best facilities and services at most affordable rates. To know more or book your rooms please Contact Us!


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