Don’t Miss The Summer Holiday Fun Without Exploring Digha

Don’t Miss The Summer Holiday Fun Without Exploring Digha

Thinking about having a little Summer Holiday to the sea side? How about a trip to the northern part of Bay of Bengal? Digha is a wonderful place to make a place in your bucket list to relax on weekends during this summer holiday. The beaches maybe the attraction but there are a lot of things you can bring back home apart from just memories and photographs.

5 Things You Should Not Miss During This Summer Holiday:

Hand Woven Mats: Almost all places have a special textile product which somehow sets it apart from others. For Digha, its hand woven weed mats which are available in multiple colors. These mats can be found in local shops pretty easily and are a good gift to bring home.

Sea Shells: What’s a beach side without some sea shells and here too there are sea shells which can be collected either during the early morning rays or you can buy them as gifts for family and friends from the local shops.

Cashew Nuts: Cashew nuts are an expensive product but here they are cheaply and commonly available, thanks to the acres of plantation.

Statues: Digha is also famous for its temples and along with it for its handcrafted statues of Hindu deities. These statues are crafted out of rocks and are ready to grace your prayer room.

Table Mats of Bamboo: Another local handicraft which is quite popular tourist attracting for shopping lovers in digha is table mats made up of short and small bamboo sticks. They look great to have at home.

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But while you are collecting these souvenirs, you will need a place to stay and one of the best hotels in Digha is Coral. Here you can enjoy luxurious amenities like swimming pools and a playground for kids. As a bonus, our hotel is just a few minutes away from the beach.

Apart from being a family vacation home, Hotel Coral is also one of the best corporate hotels in Digha, since we also provide for business meetings in our conference halls.

So, escape the burning heat in this heaven while collecting some souvenirs, so that you can take back the sea from here.


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