Eco resort coming up in Digha – a wonderful cultural attraction!

Eco resort coming up in Digha – a wonderful cultural attraction!

coraldigha coraldigha July 15, 2019 Digha Tourism

Digha is the go-to destination for every West Bengal resident for obvious reasons. Be it the summer vacation or a quick break from daily chores, Digha makes up for a good choice with its widespread beach and ease of access. For that reason, tourism of Digha has undergone constant improvement, and this time, it is all set to roll out a surprise for enthusiastic visitors. Brace yourself for a whole new experience at your ever known unwinding station. Digha is all set to house its first eco resort, enclosing a piece of ancient village culture within it, to provide the visitors with an experience like never before!

ABCDs of the eco resort in Digha

This one-of-a-kind eco-tourism resort is about to open its doors to the ardent Digha lovers soon and you cannot miss experiencing the goodness! The concept was put forward by the honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, who named this as ‘Bongo Sanskritic Gram’. Doing full justice to its name, this upcoming resort in Digha has stories from ancient villages of Bengal etched all over its existence. 

Rich Bengali Culture – The Eco Resort Way

Here, art meets culture and the final result is breathtaking. Expect to step in to a splash of fresh smell of earth complementing the rustic outlook. It has a row of mud cottages flaunting thatched roof and ox carts placed out to enhance the theme. There are earthen lamps to light up the entire ambiance. Find the bauls humming lost melodies woven with care at nooks and corners of villages faded away in the light of urbanization. The jhumur tied around their feet hits just the right notes, sweetening the atmosphere a tad bit more! 

A Plate Full Of Bengal

The talks about Bengali culture are never complete unless the gastronomic delights come into play! Keeping that in mind, the eco resort would cater to authentic Bengali platter consisting of aromatic rice, pulses, fresh leafy veggies, sweet water fishes like punti, shingi, magur and more! 

The imminent eco resort aims to provide you a taste of the rich Bengal culture in all possible ways – be it the structure, vibes or the food on your plates. With a plethora of goodness, it is all set to provide a stiff competition to best holiday hotels in Digha. So, the next time you visit Digha, ditch the forever known hotels and book your stay at this eco resort to bag the most unique experience and create the choicest memories!