Enjoy This Independence Day Holiday at Digha Beach

Enjoy This Independence Day Holiday at Digha Beach

It’s weekend time once again. This time there are more reasons to celebrate. Yes, its 15th August tomorrow and what a better way to celebrate this Independence Day by pampering yourself with a weekend trip to Digha beach.

We bet this would be the best way to spend this super special weekend. The best thing is, you don’t have to bother about taking the pain of thinking about train tickets. You can just hire a cab or drive your own car & enjoy the luxury to smooth long drive with your friends & family.

Its very obvious that in the concrete jungle where we reside, all that we miss, is the freedom of open space & fresh air. So obviously this weekend visiting the serene sea beaches of Digha is the perfect getaway plan that you can think of.

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Being a part of hospitality industry, we know that while you plan your weekend holiday, it is very essential to get a comfortable hotel booked before you reach the destination. We suggest pre-booking of the accommodation as tourist places like Digha is always popular among everyone’s chart list and it might get really cumbersome to search a perfect hotels after a long travel.

Itinerary for Digha Trip on Independence Day:-
✔ Start early morning from Kolkata.
✔ Reach and check in to your favorite Digha hotel.
✔ Enjoy an elaborate seafood delicacy at a premium multi cuisine restaurant.
✔ Relax your body and mind with a luxurious SPA.
✔ Now you are all set to head towards the beautiful sea beach of Digha.
✔ After a long walk on the peaceful digha beach, you can refresh your taste bud with some yummy street food.
✔ Now the ladies can pamper themselves with some shopping. You can buy some awesome conch shell & coral jewellery & showpiece. Cashew nuts in Digha is a must buy. So ladies, do remember that & don’t forget to thank us.
✔ Well for men, you can enjoy a football match or cricket match on the sea beach.
✔ So when the ladies are super satisfied with shopping & men have shared their bro-time playing football & cricket, it’s time to go back to the hotel.
✔ So now you can try some delicious food with your hotel room itself.
✔ Next morning you can go for a morning walk at the beach with your friends and family, obviously a trip would be incomplete without some selfies to share your on Facebook or Instagram.
✔ Now you can indulge into some beach sports like vollyball etc.
✔ Not to mention the children love to make sand castle. So do help them to make a castle of their own.
✔ Now you can visit some nearby places if you want to, like, the aquarium, science museum etc.
✔ Then you should go back to the hotel & have the mouth watering food once again & finally pack your bags to go back to your usual life.

Obviously you would carry a lot of memorable & priceless moments that you will remember for days to come. So what are you waiting for call your family & friends and make your tomorrows plan to hit the road for a memorable weekend trip to Digha.


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