Enjoy This Summer Holiday in Digha Sea Beach

Enjoy This Summer Holiday in Digha Sea Beach

Summer Vacation is knocking the door, kids are excited to pack the bags and plan their summer holiday in Digha Sea Beach.

India has been one of the leading countries on this earth that has a variety of place that are rich in terms of natural and landscape beauty. It has great mountains and rich forest safaris with varying number of wildlife. While talking about these mountains and forests, you should not forget about the sea beaches that covers India from three sides. I am serious about bringing India in the tourist map of the world by virtue of its natural sea beaches. Goa has already got a global popularity, but here I am going to recommend Digha Sea Beaches, as one of the fastest growing Tourist Destination in West Bengal.

Digha Sea Beaches - Hotel Coral

Basically, West Bengal is known for its exquisite digha sea beach located on the Bay of Bengal. It is a place that has a multiple sea beaches. Though I was not aware of all these beaches on my first visit to Digha, but the hotels in Digha provided me some very unique information about these sea beaches. I had to change my tour plan to accommodate some time for these places as well. Some of these beaches are at Talsari, Udaipur, and Shankarpur. I admit say that the sea waves is not very violent here, but the calmness of the place attracts thousands of visitors every year. These places has gain popularity among the visitors in recent times.

However, I cannot restrict myself from being full of praise for Mandarmani. It is another sea beach that is located very close to New Digha. Among all other beaches in Digha, this is the most beautiful one. The Digha Tourism Department is working hard to develop this place as a hot place for domestic as well as international visitors. Some of the finest Digha hotels have their new branches coming up here. It is expected that this place will soon register its strong presence globally.

I was fortunate enough to spend quite a few days in most of these places. Apart from the beautiful beaches, I was really fascinated by the exquisite sea-view and wide lines of casuarina trees. During my stay in most of these places, I was literally impressed with the landscape beauty in which these casuarina trees paid their contribution in a significant way. Most of the places mentioned above have an endless line of these beautiful trees. I am sure you can be full of praise for these beaches, with a clear view of the sea waves and lines of the beautiful casuarina trees.

The Marine Aquarium and Research Center digha

The Marine Aquarium and Research Center: (MARC) is another great thing to watch in Digha. This Research center is dedicated to displaying the best of the marine life. MARC came into existence in 1997 as a part of the Seventh Five Year Plan, initiated by the Government of India. You can witness some of the rarest marine creatures in this aquarium.

The Amaravati Lake: Temple of Lord Shiva in Chandaneshwar, and the Subarnarekha River are some of the other places of tourist interests that you would love to visit. The park has a snake farm inside it that shelters some of the finest and the deadliest snakes. I am sure you would love to spend your evenings in the park. Plan your visit to Digha now to get an unforgettable tourist experience.


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