Everything you need to know about Digha

Everything you need to know about Digha

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Are you planning a trip to Digha any time soon? Do you like to pre-plan your trips? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

One of the hotspots for tourist, Digha is famous as a seaside resort town in the eastern part of the country. Distinguished for its glimmering beaches, sacred temples and high-tech research centres and museums, it is famous among newly wedded couples and short trip seekers. The fabulous foods and affordable stays that it provides to its visitors add further to its fame.

However, that is not all that sums up this mesmerising beach of the east. There are a lot more to explore about Digha that does not meet the eye at first.

That is why, to give you a comprehensive understanding of the things and experiences to expect when visiting Digha, we have sorted out a list as follows.

Digha Trip

Everything you need to know about Digha if planning for a Digha Trip:

New Digha Beach:

As the name suggests, New Digha is the modern man-made attraction two kilometres away from the Old Digha. This spacious beach, easily accessible and with a lesser crowd, it is undebatably one of the famous beaches on Digha islands for weekend getaway seekers and travellers from all over the country. 

Shankarpur Beach:

A natural beach of the Digha island just fifteen kilometres away from it, Shankarpur Beach is renowned for its picturesque view of surrounding local boats and series of trees encircling the beaches. Shankarpur beach is host to a few sacred temples. Although an isolated beach with a fewer crowd, it is nevertheless equipped with all sort of modern facilities to attract tourist.

 Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre:

The host of the largest inbuilt aquarium in the country, Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre aka MARC is one of the popular tourist attractions in Digha. A reservoir of three kinds of marine creatures, namely, species of conservative importance, local and curious species and freshwater species, it is also known for a few of the exotic aquatic bodies.

 Talasari Beach:

Known for its calm and peaceful waters, Talasari Beach is one of the less crowded beaches on the borders of Odisha. The host of numerous rivers, blue hills and extensive beaches, it offers a mesmerising view to its visitors with all the tall coconut trees, palm trees and casuarina encircling it. It is ideal for nature lovers and solitude seekers.


One of the largest and fast-developing seaside resort village, Mandarmani is a must-visit spot when in Digha. Renowned for its red crabs, it is arguably the longest driveable beach in the country. The long chain of local stores selling shells, handcrafted ornaments and handicrafts make it an ideal place for shopaholics and artefacts lovers.

Udaipur Beach:

Three kilometres away from Digha, Udaipur beach is one of the pristine beaches on the island. Known for its casuarina trees and the shifting stalls of the fishermen who sell fresh seafood here, this place gives a picturesque view to its visitors along with offering a solitude space to immerse oneself in the beauty of nature.

There are few other attractive places near Digha that are known to the hotspots of tourists from all over the country, such as Tajpur Beach and Digha Science Center. The trip to this beautifully attractive island becomes all the more pleasing when you have a tour partner such as Hotel Coral who can make your stay at this island, not just comfortable but all in all pocket-friendly. Why wait? Plan your Digha trip now. 

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