Gear Up for Sightseeing in Digha with Hotel Coral

Gear Up for Sightseeing in Digha with Hotel Coral

Digha continues to be the favorite weekend destination for Bengalis through decades. Many people visit Digha often but do not know that Digha is more than New Digha and Old Digha’s beach. Here in this blog, we will share some light on some popular places for sightseeing in digha:

Bichitrapur – A Newly Explored Location for Sightseeing in Digha:

The name does full justice to the place! Located 18 kilometers from Digha, Bichtrapur is a mysterious mangrove forest. Tourists can take a boat ride through the forest. The silent and serene mangrove trees standing on the banks of Subarnarekha River are an adventurous experience. Boats take tourists to the beautiful “mohona”, where the Subarnarekha River meets the Bay of Bengal.

Marine Aquarium and Research Center – The Pride of Digha:

Digha has the largest marine and freshwater aquarium center in India. This place is a must in the syllabus of a fishery science student and also a big attraction in tourism in Digha. This place is fun and educational at the same time.

Amarabati Park – A Place to Relax:

Amarabati Park ranks high in the list of most visited places near Digha. The park has boating and rope way facilities. This is one of the most popular touring destinations in West Bengal.

Udaipur Beach – Nearest Beach from Digha:

Udaipur Beach is situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Subarnarekha River. This beach is very different from other beaches in Bengal. The main attraction is the bike ride on the beach. Tourists can also enjoy great sea foods while enjoying the scenic beauty of this beach.
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Talsari Beach – A Must Visit Place while Digha Sightseeing:

Talsari is a very less explored but breathtakingly beautiful beach. The red crabs crawling here and there on the yellow sand makes the beach full of life. This is located 8 kms from Digha and situated at the Bengal-Orissa border.

Science Centre Digha – Must Go Place for Kids:

The Science Centre is located few minutes away from Digha. It is a science themed amusement park. Many science shows are held here which are educative and entertaining. It is well equipped with lots of gadgets. Several demonstrations in the park makes learning science a creative experience.

I am sure after knowing all the sightseeing options, your next stay at a holiday hotel in Digha is going to be longer. So the next time anyone says Digha is just a beach, you know what your answer will be. Right?


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