How direct Hotel Booking can make your trip to Digha cost-effective?

How direct Hotel Booking can make your trip to Digha cost-effective?

coraldigha coraldigha September 19, 2019 Digha Hotels, hotel in digha

Are you visiting Digha this weekend with your buddies? Have you been browsing through the third-party hotel search platform to get the best deals? 

We often depend on third-party online travel agency (OTA) such as Expedia,, and so in search of best deals on hotel bookings, flight tickets, and all other itineraries. Although there seems a pretty prospect of attaining the most beneficial deals yet, they are often just the result of widespread advertisement with minimal advantages for you as a user. The deals presented by the same are good. But not as good as you might receive if you are to opt for direct hotel booking from a hotel such as Hotel Coral Digha.

Let’s check out why hotel booking is easy at Hotel Coral:

  • Better deals, better prices: Involving the third party in every kind of transaction ought to cost you more than you would have paid if you were to deal with the provider directly. And hotel booking is no exception. Hotel booking through OTA is based on the rate parity agreements between the hotels and the third party provider, which means the deals you receive includes the charge of this middleman. That further makes it reasonable for direct hotel booking to bring the spark of attaining the best prices from the hotel without any involvement of a middleman.
  • Confirmed reservations: Often, hotel booking through OTA comes with the risk of your booking being lost or the hotels having not acknowledged your booking. Whereas, direct hotel booking exempts you of the said risk by making you the direct client of the hotel and in turn making the hotel responsible for your booking.
  • Alterable terms and conditions: Once you book your hotel with an OTA and by any chance happen to cancel your stay at the hotel, the hotel or most OTAs under its rules and regulations, is not obligated to refund your payable amount. However, direct hotel booking may present you with the likelihood of getting assistance from the hotel in case of delayed or cancellation of hotel booking. 
  • Choicer rooms, more reliable services: When you are the direct customer of a hotel, the hotel gives you the priority in order to build loyalty and customer relations with you. That makes it obvious that the hotel will endeavor to provide you with the best service and the best rooms in the hotel. Whereas, booking through OTA makes you the client of the OTA and not the hotel. Hence, you get served for what you paid for.
  • Become a loyal customer and avail better rewards: Customer loyalty is definitely something every business is looking for and hotels are no exception. Which is why every hotel has a policy of rewarding its most loyal customers with additional services or discounts on further bookings. Hotels such as Hotel Coral has such policies to acknowledge the loyalty of its customers and build better customer relations.

Considering the many advantages of direct hotel booking stated above, one might aptly conclude that excluding the third party online travel agency is the choicest thing for you to do when you visit Digha. Further, hotels such as Hotel Coral affords you the best deals coupled with the option of customization to ensure that you receive the best when you deal with them. So what are you waiting for? Book your room with Hotel Coral today.