The importance of Digha as a tourist destination of Bengal

The importance of Digha as a tourist destination of Bengal

You may have visited Digha an umpteen number of times. Yet its importance as a tourist destination in West Bengal continues unabated. There are many reasons for the popularity of this beach town in this part of the country. Whenever we have an extended weekend holiday and we think of taking a quick getaway trip, Digha is the first destination which comes to mind. Even now with the Durga Puja coming up shortly, Digha could be the obvious destination for celebrating this grand festival. In this blog we will try to examine the importance of Digha in West Bengal tourism

Steps are being undertaken to develop Digha tourism

In recent times a host of initiatives are being undertaken by the state government to boost tourism in and around Digha. The fact that so much is being done to attract more tourists and serve them, itself bears proof to the importance of Digha as a tourist destination in the state. 

The proximity of Digha to the city of Kolkata is the first major advantage it has over the other locations in the state. Located in East Midnapur at a distance of merely 183 kms from the capital of West Bengal, it is an ideal getaway location for those residing in the city. Apart from the proximity another major advantage of this seaside resort town is its good connectivity both by bus and by trains.

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At present there are five trains which connect Howrah station with Digha. The timings of these trains are all very convenient. These run at different times of the day. So planning a quick trip at short notice is no problem. Besides if the train tickets are not available you could also opt for various types of bus as well. They run from different parts of the city at different times. There are many options you could avail as well. You could opt for the luxury ones or the more budget ones. So getting bus tickets even at the last minute should not be a problem. Reaching Digha is therefore is no problem. Besides there are many options available for returning too. But now with the festival season getting started, it is advisable that you get your travel tickets booked in advance too. 

Another reason why everyone prefers Digha as a tourist destination is that it has something to offer for everyone. There are a whole range of hotels to choose from. In case budget is a constraint for you, then you could choose amongst various budget hotels. On the other hand if you want the more luxurious ones then you could avail them as well.

Once you reach you could enjoy just by lazing on the beaches. The Digha Beach is popular for its views of the Bay of Bengal amidst the many casuarina plantations along the seaside. The sea here unlike other places is mostly calm and shallow up to a mile off the beach. This makes it safe for various marine activities like swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing. Besides there are a number of other tourist attraction too. The famous Marine Aquarium is one of the many.

To conclude we can say that though Digha is one of the oldest holiday destinations of West Bengal, its importance till date continues. Now with all the tourism development activities, its popularity would increase further. However if you are looking for a good hotel in Digha, then Hotel Coral Digha is one of the best hotels in Digha. For booking or other details visit our website. 


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