Let’s Plan A Short Weekend Trip To Digha This Monsoon

Let’s Plan A Short Weekend Trip To Digha This Monsoon

Planning for an exciting Weekend Trip to Digha this monsoon? Digha is One of the most favorite destination because of its beautiful serenity as the faint hearts do not explore much during this time. If the very rain that stops everyone from going out invokes the Fa-Hien in you, then Digha will be your best choice for monsoon.

We at Hotel Coral, love to see those who love the rain and its silvery glee. Digha and its sea both get refreshed and mysteriously unpredictable. There can be a moment of silence and then sudden thunder with roar of the mighty Bay of Bengal.

The sea during monsoon shows a very different side with varying degree of colors in the changeable weather. The murmur of jhau trees can become a loud hustle at any time and that is the real adventure that only explorers can understand.

Safety Tips for Visiting Digha Sea Beach During Monsoon

At Hotel Coral Digha, you can breathe in the charm of Digha and exhale all the stresses of daily routines and boring schedules. We always advice our guests to visit Digha during monsoon, as the town gets unrecognizably mysterious yet beautiful that cannot be explained through words.

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Digha is a place to embrace the monsoon marine beauty at its best. Other than that, it has many sightseeing locations which you obviously do not want to miss out during your weekend trip to digha. They are available in affordable tour packages.

Some Sightseeing Location During Weekend Trip to Digha:

Talsari Beach
 Udaipur Beach
 Marine aquarium cum regional centre
 Chandeneshwar Temple
 Amarabati Park
 The Science Centre
 Irrigation Bungalow Picnic Spot
 Digha Planetarium
 Lord Shiva Temple

Also, you can book a ride for Haldia Rajbari and Haldia Dock from Digha.

So if you are planning for a long vacation or a short weekend trip, Digha has everything you desire in an ideal vacation spot. Tourism in Digha has become more enjoyable and luxurious with us at Hotel Coral Digha. Prior booking will let you explore the beauty of the rain drenched Digha in its full glory. Book your rooms this monsoon as the rainy Digha is many times more beautiful than the rest of the year.


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