Most Popular Holi Food For Foodies

Most Popular Holi Food For Foodies

We Indians believe in celebration. Something or the other keeps our festive mood going. So now as we know it’s Holi Time. As we Indians are Foodie by nature, so every festival has some specific food associated with every occasion. So this blog is related to the highly Popular Holi Food Delicacies that you cannot miss. Being one of the most popular Digha Hotel, we have created a list of the top food choices during holi, based on the preferences that we received from our guests.

While compiling this list of Favourite Holi Food, we have tried to cover up food items from all across the country and touching the taste bud of every Indian. So here’s the list of food items that everyone should try this festive season.

Top Food for Holi:-

  • Thandai:- This list has to start with our ever popular Thandai. Holi seems incomplete without this mouthwatering drink. Thandai, or sardai, is the famous cold drink prepared with mixing of almonds, rose petals, cardamom, saffron, milk, sugar etc.

Best Holi Food : Thandai

  • Gujiya:- How can we forget gujiya? Your Holi bash would be incomplete without some mouthwatering sugar syrup dripped gujiyas. For those who don’t have any idea about what Gujiya is, It is basically a kind sweet dumpling made of flour and filled with a khoya and dry fruits. It is deep fried in ghee and beautifully blended with sugar syrup.For calorie conscious people, good news is that, it can also be baked. So say chess and enjoy this delicious sweet.

Holi Food : Gujiya

  • Kesari Malai Peda:- The name itself is sufficient to tease your tastebud. This awesome sweet dish is a must try during holi.

Best Holi Food : Kesar Malai Peda

  • Firni:- Yes, Firni is an all time favourite. It won’t be too much to say that Holi & Firni go hand in hand. It’s a total bliss to enjoy this royal treat in Holi.

Holi Food : firni

  • Shakkar Paare/ Namak Paare:- Yes this is another famous food that we love to enjoy during holi. So you can surely make this crunchy snacks by yourself and trust us your full plate of crispy snacks would be an instant hit among everyone.

Holi Food : Shakkar Paare

  • Puran Poli :- This deep fried crisp slices are highly popular among state like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh etc. You can surely include this in your list in this Holi.

Holi Food : Puran Poli

  • Dahi Vada:- Last but not the least. There needs to be a special mention of this highly popular dish. North to South, East to West, this dish has a special place in every Indian Celebration and ont to mention , one of our favourite Holi Food .

Holi Food : Dahi Vada

Well, no matter you play holi or not, try these festive food, and remember to stay tuned for more informative updates on trending topics. Moreover if you want to know more about Digha Tourism, you can always get in touch with us. Being one of the premium Hotel in Digha we would love to share our experiences and entertain you with all the colours of life and why not? After all it’s Holi Time.


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