Why You Must Visit Best Luxury Hotel in Digha?

Why You Must Visit Best Luxury Hotel in Digha?

There is hardly anybody who does not prefer spending their vacation at a Sea Beach Hotel in Digha overlooking the sea. Digha is one such sandy sea beach not too far from Kolkata that is frequented by those looking for a short weekend getaway.

Best Digha Hotel

Our Hotel with world class amenities is the best beach hotel which caters to the needs of visitors both from home and abroad. The hotel has in total hundred rooms out of which some are a/c rooms and some non-a/c. The a/c rooms are pricier and are equipped with a kitchen facility, a walk-in closet and attached water closet cum toilet and a king or queen size bed with wall-to-wall carpeting. The non a/c rooms have similar facilities and are south facing as the sea breeze is sufficiently cool and therefore a/c is not required. In some of the a/c rooms there are jacuzzis as well for those who prefer soaking in hot water. Breakfast is complimentary while lunch and dinner can be had according to the menu for the day. Digha being a sea beach our menu often includes seafood and connoisseurs of seafood would appreciate the fact that seafood is often a major part of our menu.

Typically after an early morning complimentary breakfast and tea our guests venture out into the sea which is walking distance from our luxury hotel in digha and spend atleast an hour bathing in sea water. After that they get back and take a bath to clean all the salt and sand and get ready for lunch as bathing in sea water helps whet their appetite. Our menu items for lunch and dinner are delectable and all our guests have a hearty meal and feel contented.

Before sunset we arrange tours to New Digha beach which is less congested and after spending some time there they are brought back to the hotel and they could have an evening tea or coffee and sit back and relax on a deck chair and enjoy the sunset and perhaps take a few photographs as a memory. For those whose itinerary is for a longer vacation time we even arrange day trips to neighbouring resorts of Mandarmuni and Shankarpur. Mandarmuni has a vast shoreline and the sea is far away from the beach. The seashore is dotted with quite a few luxurious hotel and resorts where vacationers with family come and stay. Shankarpur on the other hand is a quaint little fishing village which does not attract a lot of crowd due to the fact that mainly people who are looking for a bit of peace and quiet for a few days prefer going there.


Best Hotel in Digha - Hotel Coral Digha

Hence the onus is on us to ensure that our guests have a great time while they are with us however short or long. We continually strive to make the experience of our guests as memorable as possible by making them feel at home. Our sightseeing programs are unique as is all aspects of our hospitality. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the vacation time of our guests is pleasurable and are committed to doing whatever it takes to further enhance their pleasure of being on vacation at our resort.
Therfore look no further if you are looking for a vacation of a lifetime in Digha as we are dedicated and committed to making your vacation time as memorable as possible. Just sit back and relax and rely on us to make your vacation at our Hotel worth revisiting.


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