Now enjoy the Kerala type Houseboats in Digha

Now enjoy the Kerala type Houseboats in Digha

You must be aware of the famous backwaters of Kerala. They are one of the most captivating attractions of India. In fact Kerala is often even referred to as “God’s Own Country“. Much of it has got to do with the charming experience you can have by staying in the houseboats on the back waters of the state. It is altogether a different experience of staying on the waters in luxurious houseboats amidst the great digha hotels - houseboats in digha | hotels in digha | Digha Tourismscenery nature has to offer. But if you belong to the eastern part of India then, travelling to Kerala is both time consuming and expensive. However you need not get disheartened. The reason for this is that soon you can get a similar experience like Houseboats in Digha.

Digha has always been the favorite quick holiday destination for most. This is not without reason. The beautiful beaches, the coconut trees and the ease and convenience of reaching this beach town are enough reasons for the same. But there are a whole lot being added, which is why it is becoming a even more attractive destination than ever before. Adventure Sports was a recent attraction and the latest being the introduction of houseboats.

The planning for Houseboats in Digha

The fact that Digha still occupies a position of prime importance as a tourist destination for the West Bengal tourism has again become clearly evident. This time it was on account of the initiative being taken for the introduction of houseboats for the region. In fact the West Bengal Tourist Department is planning to develop coastal and river tourism by introducing Houseboats in Digha. Other places where these are being planned for is Kolkata and the Sunderbans. According to Tourist Department officials a Kerala based private company has been awarded with a tender to build seven houseboats. Out of the seven, two to three houseboats is likely to ply in the creeks between Tajpur and Mandarmani.

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What you can expect at these Houseboats  in Digha?

These Air Conditioned Houseboats is estimated to cost about Rs 1.20 Crores each. They will have 3 rooms, which would be fully air conditioned. Rooms would include Kitchen and a Common Dining room. It would be like a luxury hotel which would cruise on the creeks. But they would be anchored in one place. It is expected that the houseboats would be ready soon and the service should start by the end of this year.

In Kerala there are of course a whole range of houseboats to choose from. These range from the standard ones to the most luxurious ones as well. At present the tariff of a single bedroom houseboat may vary from Rs 5000/- to Rs 30000/- for a 8 Bedroom Luxury houseboat of the Oberoi group. In Digha however these are yet to be decided. But you can expect that the introduction of houseboats would take Digha tourism to a altogether new high.

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